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I shall remember this comic fondly for a long time. Its actually one of 2, maybe 3, comics that helped me get over the curb to start drawing myself. Every time I read it I just enjoyed your art style so much, and the story was wholesome and enjoyable. Thanks for making this comic!
nothing like super mom training to block bullets with. Thanks for the updates.
hu, so this little world is known of by the adults it seems.
i bet the wanna be cowboy doesnt even really comprehend what his gun can do. What killing is.
the real boss commith.
im sure that will help your defense so much. Also, check her pulse next time.
did we ever get an explanation of what a heart cog is. I dont remember one. Wonder what it does though.
I wonder if its better or worse to be a construction mook. You dont get beat up, but all your life's work get continuously destroyed.
well, the unnerving stare is explained now.
nothing like 'i think this'll work' surgery.
the sacrifice those monkeys made, so great. Well, at least based off how they reacted to a banana of theirs getting eaten.
angry, paranoid, dark lava dragon. Seems safe. thanks for the updates.
insane monologue or recruitment speech?
i bet he is too used to being around people that are terrified of him, and thats why they keep getting surprise attacks on him.
i kind of wish we could have seen more of Fiora's character before the dark magic started messing with her. I cant tell whats her natural attitude and whats been messed with.
the real psycho is the square, his expression never changes.
@Tieback: ya, what the prince did was more along the lines of what 'poaching' is today. I just like to make more poke fun comments like that as hunters are often demonized in stories by mixing up poachers and hunters, especially in kids shows. poachers are nasty business. No offense taken btw, going to take more than that for me.
see, this is why you carry a dagger. or knife. or weapon. that smash to the face would have bean death. lol.
wait, Fiora is the one that aged 20 isnt she? So Miley is little sis of the one we saw born?
uhh, i thought the black and gold k9 critter aged 20 years, this looks more like 12. Or they age really slow.