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ahh, read all that you have made so far. Thanks for making!

Winter where i live is pretty long. I live in Montana. Its a calmer part of the state that I live in, north, east, and Northeast have horrible winters. Last couple of years we've gotten snow that covers the ground and doesnt leave for the winter. Leaves the grass green underneath. Not entirely sure how that works when it gets below 0. Tend to have a couple weeks below 0 every year. Last winter acutely set records for us, between snowfall, cold, and cold length it was pretty nasty. Went through the counties budget for the winter in like a month or something like that, had like 4 more months of winter to go. We dont often get massed with cloud cover for days though, rather sunshiny where i live, so that helps keep the winter woes away.
good man taking time off!
At this point, if i was one of these characters, pretty sure I would be Chris.
he just got bailed out by a higher power. lol.
I wonder if he is going to have to drop a class at this rate, drop something social that he is doing, or as I've heard a few people do when you cant drop a class, accept failing it and just show up and sleep/dont show up at all.

Side note, love your little profile pic. The colors go super well together, and it has enough unique features to be eye catching but not so many that its overboard.
ohh, nice touch with having a reference for when the game crew came together in your comment. it has been a while. only nice to see authors do touches like that to help readers remember less common things, our mind tend to not be as focused on the story as the authors, or have the memory space dedicated to it.
my therapist and I have a casual enough relationship, that most of the time when I come in for my appointment she is eating something. Just realized how strange and 'unprofessional' that would be to some people.
i would also be slightly confused. seems like a mixture of 'im watching you' and 'goodluck!'
real reason Dil is coming is because he doesnt want to make the cook mad
I wonder how long he will be able to keep this up.
well, if the one that says "white and gold" is really that, them im blown away. Looks black and blue to me. Like the color scheme i see the best. lol.
IMO, talking to yourself is actually pretty ligit. Bible and science both agree that it helps your head do certain things.
oooo! nothing like having adding some sensitive topics to spice things up.
every household needs a good cook or two, and boy do they get brownie points and a higher does of respect. FOOD!
nice touch with Ine's blush being purple instead of red.
i wonder how many times this has happened.
i go for vanilla myself.
Dil's tie! lol.

Oh, not sure if this is intentional, but Dil's name is rather easy for me to remember. Dil Pickles, greed dude in my head.
only a minor panic attack.