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the cross pannel tell is both awesome and confused my brain for a second. thanks for the updates.
if enough people keep jumping into the fight, eventually they will be distracted enough for you to get out.
i still find your idea of a castle dragon both hilarious and awesome.
thanks for the updates.
Less leadership and more steam rolling people at this point it seems. lol
ahh, the warm feels. Just looking for something like this, getting tired of all the dark drama lamas running around.
thanks for the updates.
to me it seems like Carls world got blown and he didnt handle it super well, and the others took it too personal.
this wasnt all that embarrassing to me of a situation for Carl. He also doesnt look like a spoiled brat to me, if he looked down on and sneered at them for it, yes, but this reaction, no.
September 25th, 2017
got a nice bit of cunning going on there.
Cero, so majestic, so regal, and then, so cute. Thanks for the updates.
almost, ALMOST, got it right. hahahaha, thanks for the udpates.
poor guy. whats personal space?
see you two, its all about perspective. one mans agony is another mans good day, one mans errand is another adventure!
hmmm, broken ribs feel so good in the morning. Its like waking up with them out of place, but more!
ill be honest, I just expected the bat to go swinging, not fists.
thanks for the updates. sorry to hear about your ban. Personally, im a person that generally keeps his head down, and if im going to say something that could be considered 'offensive' i tend to do it in PM's.
Hope things are going good for your family, mines no stranger to health issues. If you need to blow some steam or something, feel free to send me a PM. Thanks for the updates.
not the emoji overlords, we already have the emoji movie!