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February 12th, 2016
Older Annie!

I like how she didn't 'appear' in annie's life till she was IN annie's life.
January 18th, 2016
I. Umm.

Never thought of things that way.

I.. haven't dicated that Surgery is life...but this is a whole new way of looking at things that kinda..*phewwww*. Went right over my head.

This changes alot. Honestly.
Alot for the better.
@The Lady Emily: Ain't no Tucking with a thong. Not by itself at least anyways.

The braver part is fine; but gotta kinda stay within what covers what needed.
Girls and their alphabets!

Being angry all the time sucks. especially when you don't always notice you are being angry.

Huh. Now I'm trying to remember when was the last time I saw Annie with hers..(jumps Scrooge McDuck style into the archives.)

So. It was since the bedroom incident with Vic apparently.

Wow. That was quite a long time for me to not notice their disappearance.
one of these days I'm going to go through the whole comic and make a youtube playlist of all the songs. I've found alot of new music from what annie's sung.
Wow. It sounds like Annie straight up killed tony in the last panel..)_)
relationship Chart
I'm so starting to need a relationship chart to keep tract of the girl drama..O_O
One of the sole factors that "night shift" (aka, 11 - 9am area) shifts rock is because it is more based on merit than actual personality/work. As long as your work is done and people are not complaining; Your left alone. Management doesn't wanna come in during that time and assume all is good unless thier reports say otherwise.

That Said...Doing to good gets you in the wonderful place of...'oh; I know you work morning now..but I need you to train a whole new set of overnight workers. 16hr days? yeap. do it or quit.'

It has been nice that I can have my panic attacks without having to man the 'desk'.
HighSchool was...weird; not at all the the movies made me expect...

We had the cliques. but those mostly existed in the lunch room.
After a very, very bad froshing incident in my hometown the summer before I went to highschool (New year of student specific bullying) It seemed like my year of classmates decided that outright bullying was a no-go and it was enforced by the 'cool kids' (most of the fights during the school year were transfers that didn't seem to get the concept).
Heck; one time a kid decided to target me, he was very, very quickly reminded that the lunch he was eating every day was made by me. (He ate at the cafeteria each day; a place I was doing a more hands on course of home ec. Most of the food was made by me (extra credits ftw!))

Though; it's already an odd school when the nerd clique randomly consisted of jocks, preps and the school leaders randomly joining us to play what ever games we had bought that day.

To bad the teachers sucked :P heh.
Every Day is a Cliffhanger. Your are by Far the top comic (by a factor of over 9000) I wish I could read ahead.
Whats the Red thing in her hair?
@GreenKrog: yeap!. It's a Day Trip either way rather than an overnight trip. Even though the area itself is useless itself for alot of things, it's a simple trip :D
RD. Somewhat North of YYC itself.

I haven't spent to much time in YYC area, I think I've driven through forest lawn? maybe?
The locality of this comic still confuses my brain; since these areas they tend to speak of are places that for me; exist.

Still enjoying the webcomic Greenkrog; Thanks again.
September 8th, 2014
I love the idea of Blue beads.

It's to me, more of a symbol of acceptance than the usual LBGT one of rainbows. Rainbows are just TO bright sometimes.
"Inappropriate hot chocolate"

That Sounds sexy..and burny at the same time!.
Kindergarden Affection.
Boy Likes girl; Boy picks on girl to show it.

It's not overly surprising; jocks tend to be social creatures; and well..Homecomeing is a popularity contest. People are often going to vote for the guy representing their school in very visual events as opposed to the brains, though might be social and popular still generally are sticking to the back and setting things up for the rest of em. (Or the quieter events that...well lets be honest, Mathletes and chess games are a BORE to watch)

Plus I'm pretty sure at this point Mitch would end Vic if Vic steps outta line; and Vic knows it.
I got bought home a lot of times by RCMP as a youth; but it was years before my parents admitted to me they knew about it. I've always been a Night person; and would often walk down to the convenience store middle of the night. They even stuck me in a cell for a hour once to "scare" me from doing it; ruse kinda fell apart when they drove me home instead of parents bailing me out.

Bailed out though? Not yet at least. I'm still young XD heh.
Couldn't imagine it would phase anybody in my family though; I might not be a trouble causer, but my parents sure were in their day. Any time I tried to pull one over their eyes, they knew exactly what I was up to.

I got lucky in the draw with parents...

And..that dress? want. Well, in a purple anyways.
Sigh..I want to wear pretty clothes..
Well. At the least it should be a Memorable night.

whats that saying?...ah yes.

“When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun'.”
@GreenKrog: Ya get used to it after about the 4th time.
I'm told I can be very blunt about thing though; so maybe I just find it easy.
Still hasn't gotten me fired yet though! *Knock on wood*