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I'm Vinnie and I'm a newb. I figured I should collab with other people to make some webcomics before I start to make my own. I like to read comics, make comics, and watch anime. (Fooly Cooly and Cowboy bebop)
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Looks like someone has pissed in this ponies cereal this morning.
That extendo arm though...that's a real bendy arm.
October 10th, 2014
Perfect Nipples
Jesus I want to suck on his beautiful nipples. Why must they be so damn perfect? ;n;
October 10th, 2014
This guy...needs to be on the big screen.
October 10th, 2014
The only wahn???
@seifukughost: You mean this is the only wahn?? I like watching sex o-o
October 8th, 2014
Lulz so she has 12 fingers in total...seems legit. I'll let it pass.
October 7th, 2014
Jesus....I can't believe how much I'm this
October 7th, 2014
I can relate ;-; to are saying.
What a lucky asshole
What a lucky son of a bitch. I wanted to fuck the world years ago.
September 13th, 2014
Ahhh birthday page
Ahhh this was posted on my birthday...which makes it even more awesome!
@TheLazyBassist: Thanks so much!
Radient Godfather
Goddamn it...wish I had a radient godfather such as Ambassador Zoran..
Them feels ;-;
@Loverofpiggies: Aww man, right in the feels.
This took me a day to make. I hope you can read this though.

But sebastian just got fired...again.
@TheLazyBassist: Hey I'm pretty much done with Sebastian's Intro. When should I post it?
Hey guys! I figured that I could advertise the webcomic! I had a much better poster I made in photoshop wouldn't post ;-; LINK:
@TheLazyBassist: Thanks! Don't worry, she's completely normal :P

Dunno why but I made a better poster but it wouldn't upload. ;-;
(Sorry I just love giving girls boy names >w<)

Name: Sebastian "Sebbie" Wade
Age: 25
Height: 170 cm
Expertise: Nurse
Bio: Sebastian's family are theurgists or people who study life magic. For some reason, those powers didn't get to Sebastian so she's just a normal woman. Since she isn't able to "heal magically" she wanted to become a nurse so she can heal people the old fashion way. She's pretty shy at times but she's easy to get along with.

Since I didn't color her, here is her description:
Hair color: Chestnut Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Brown with sprinkle of dark brown freckles.