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Busy busy. Enjoy this short story by me and J.D. Smith.
Late comic. Lousy week. Swell weather, though.
What's with these ad comments? Anyhow, comic.
And lo, there comes a comic.
Regular content returns, boldly blazing into 2010!
And that's a wrap. Big thanks to Nick Foster for handling art duties on this one. I hope to work with him again... something you'd all be receptive to, I'm sure.

Welcome to 2010, everyone! Hope you survive the experience!
Comic, with art by Nick Foster! So long, 2009.
Comic! With art by Nicholas Foster, no less.
Another day, another page -- for every day this week, at least.
As a special new year's treat, every day this week will feature a new installment in this five-page tale of Sister Mary Vendetta's continued origin! Writing by moi, joined again with artist Nick Foster.
An especially knifey comic, just under the gun. Happy Christmas, all!

New Sister Mary Vendetta short story begins Monday.
And lo, there came... a comic page. On time. Angels wept.
Ladies and gentlemen... the comic.
It all begins here, folks. You can stop now, if you like. Once you get sucked into this man's world of ugliness and horror, you'll never see daylight again. You don't have to read on. You really don't.
There's an exclusive Fowl story to be had in the pages of Mysterious Adventure Magazine #2 , not to mention the pulpy discharges of several other fertile imaginations! Disgusting metaphors aside, the Fowl says check it out.

New story begins next week!
Script by Dan Schkade
Art by Lee Gaston

Thus ends the rein of the guest comics! Next week... bona fide Dan Schkade artwork makes its return, heralded by the bleating of golden trumpets and an army of dancing Bollywood prostitutes. Be here.
Script by Dan Schkade (moi)
Art by Lee Gaston (not moi)

Yeah, it's up a little early... life is uncertain and I don't want to break my solid update record of late.

Until next week.
Happy Halloween, folks!
Hey! A new comic page -- with art from Lee Gaston -- and what's more, it's on time! I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Apparently Polly there is a fan of Pulp...
Sorry this one's late -- APE was amazing and all but man, did it eat up my do-stuff time.

New page... Sunday, I suppose. I did promise more regular updates, didn't I? Better follow through with that.