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Love this cartoony style you have going, especially with the simple color palette and character designs. Keep up the excellent work:)
This is cute, I really love the colors and composition. Keep up the good work:)
Page 9, we are almost to the good stuff, bare with me.

@ultimateZ: Yes, he is a monster, but they are herbivores. But the plant people are living, so that makes them carnivores... yes hes a dick XD
@ultimateZ: They will say the most craziest things to one another.
Page 8 of comic.

Page 7 of chapter 1

Sorry for the lack of page last week, I wasn't feeling so good and i couldn't get the page out on time.

Hope you enjoy:)
@ultimateZ: Hehe, but its nothing like that. And yes, Roy is freaked out with Petal's actions XD
Page 6 of chapter 1, we are halfway through with part 1.

I hope you enjoy:)
Here's page 5 of chapter 1

Hope you enjoy:)
Page 4 of chapter 1. Now the real fun begins :)

Page 3 of chapter 1

I'm going to admit, this page looks a but lazy, especially the last panel because the background looks too simple. I'll try to change it and add more as the time comes, but over all, I actually enjoyed this page.

@ultimateZ: That's what parents try to do, by making you do chores to prevent you from doing the things you love.
@Grumpybear: Especially if your parents want you to do chores
Oh nice, these are great and I can't wait to see more from ya. I also have a web-comic, which just came out 2 weeks ago.It's a experimentation as well, but I enjoy what I do. Check it out, if your interested:)
@Grumpybear: Not a prob, anytime. I love the use of your colors and I really want to see more in the future. I also have a web-comic which i uploaded last week if your interested:)
I had the same feeling when I first created my web-comic. It's so temping to do something else, but its all about the motivation to do it.

Some times you just have to do to achieve your results. Great work:)
Love the expressions of Grumpy Bear and I also love how the sequence in panels. I really shows what's going on in each panel and your pacing is good as well.

I can't wait to read the rest of your comic, but I like what i'm reading so far:)
Page 2 of Chapter 1
Here is the first page of my web-comic series, "Sol".

I hope you guys enjoy the story. A new page will be posted every Wednesday:)