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What do I do? Um...
Read, write, draw, and listen to music.
And let my imagination run off with me.
I enjoy medieval fantasy, mainly, although I read other genres.
I will listen to rock. Only rock. Maybe some pop, but rock is the best, period.
And I love to draw manga. (And really suck at it at the same time.)
Oh, and check out my deviantart:
Drake has the best rants ever. :D
It's okay. When stuff happens, it happens.

OMG dead people
Wow, likin' the grayish tone.
The lack of dialogue really gives the scene weight too. ^^
Glad chap 7's moving again. The cliff hanger was killing me.
Dragon Tails xD
Hark! Is that Brittany's purple tail I see sticking out in the first panel? If that appeared before, I was apparantly too distracted by the storyline to notice. Hmm... *peeks at previous page* xD There it is! Just sort of poking out there, isn't it?

Well, loving the story. I nearly forgot why he's telling this whole thing! xD (Don't worry, I remembered eventually.) The suspenseful sixth chapter ending is killing me a bit.

Whatever you do, don't go back to the normal world at large and make him have to tell the story in bits. Whilst it may be a great literary device and a good way to keep us all hooked, I don't know if I could bear the suspense! xD

How do you just keep going? I can never seem to keep a continuous story....
Heh heh...
Klutzy dragon.
Thank you. ^.^
She shouldn't sneak out. She might get urt.
Evil genius is too cliche. And the name thing really is kinda confusing. *sctraches head, rereads and gives up*
There's not only another cliffhanger... but the last cliffhanger isn't satisfied!!!!!!

I'm not sure whether you're evil or ingenious.


I wanna know what happened!!!!!

I hate cliffhangers.
Ooo, I hadn't even thought of that yet.
Pretty art and all, but...
The whole thing is kind of bugging me...
I mean, you introduced a lot of things at the last minute, and I feel like it should be longer, and...
Well, I'm not trying to be insulting, but it just feels... unsettling.
As if there should be something more....
Vampire dude is so...

How can he NOT want to overthrow Drake the Jerk?
February 19th, 2008
Looks really great, but....
February 19th, 2008
Yeah! Pretty sort of emo kid saves the day!!!!
I must comment that the glowiness of the eyes is awesome.
However, wouldn't it sort of give away the hiding spot of a vampire who is hiding in pitch black conditions?
Ren just went totally freaky.
I kinda feel bad for him....
Heh heh...
That moment seemed perfectly...
Drake-ish to me.