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Okay its been a long time since I've posted a comic, my art style has gotten better (so that's good) . I've obtained a new program or two and am in the process of redrawing a large portion (and hopefully continuing from where I stopped).

I tend to draw comics in a anime-like style; and my content rating, I guess you can say, is around E - T

I will update when I can, I'm trying to do a every bi-weekly kinda thing (trying to learn some consistency here).

If you want something a lil' more languagey, they will be here:
There some different comics there too.

OH! Also feel free to check out my stuff on
my Tumblr:

And follow me on Instagram:

It might not be much but its there

I hope you enjoy some of my works <3
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there will be one more page.. but that'll be it
here's some inktober art so far
October 9th, 2018
woof almost didn't make
kinda doing inktober stuff
Been so busy with everything with going to work and trying to unpack. I was finally able to clear out a bit of space so I can finally get back into this. phew..
After the move, I'll still will be working on X-Ceeding Samurai for a lil before picking anything else back up.
But I haven't forgotten about this gem.
not back on my BS, swearsies
I promise I'm gonna start posting once the dust settles for those of you who are reading.

Until then I need to



Wooooo! Chapter 1!
She's getting kinda spicy
March 13th, 2018
Oooohh I'm tryin'
Character Selfie
I got a bit bored
and made a selfie
... then a blog--- Alex has a blog
IDK what I'm going anymore
Eh I'm just trying some stuff with the program
Yeah, I dunno what to say here
um--- how're you todaaaay???
Gotta keep hopping around... gotta keep moving
March 27th, 2017
feels good
new program won't lemme put page numbers in, but at least it's good to know that i still got it
Tough couple of weeks
ugh... been so busy as of late, feels weird drawing again =_=
December 20th, 2014
no dead
Still alive
jus' busy
August 3rd, 2014
I was lazy as fawk with page
... most likely won't fix it
Thats all for now
see ya next time
bring it back
I took this down so I could try to work on other comics for a sec
but i was swamped by work
didn't have time to draw as of late
so decide to put this back up
to at least show that I'm not dead...
to anyone that reads my stuff anyway