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Kirby Phelps (PK)
The name's Kirby Phelps, PK for short. I love anime, manga, video games, and the like. I update my Kirby of the Galaxy comic every saturday and sunday. Please check it out.
Thanks dude
Thanks for sticking with me through this. You're far more patient than I deserve.
Double Update, and gonna be honest...
I know, I know, I'm a terrible person. But I'm gonna be honest with you guys. Aside from working, getting bugged about college stuff, and laziness; I just don't know how I'm going to move this Poppy Bros story along. I know how it will eventually end, but not how it'll get there. This is why I've been so late and missing days. Whenever I try to make a comic, I can never think of anything good. I want to make good comics, not stupid fillers with little to no punchline. I've been hesitant to make comics because of this. I've also been helping out some friends on other sites with story ideas that mix in a bad way with this comic. It seems I've got yet another case of serious spriter's block. Sorry everyone. I'm still gonna try, but there might not be a comic every sunday...what the hell am I talking about, it's been like that for ages. -_-; Still, keep an eye out.
Tuesday Update
Even though it's 2am Wednesday...
Monday Update
Soooo sorry about not updating for...3 weeks? Yeah. My parents were bugging me about getting stuff ready for college and work sort know what, I'm just going to say that I was lazy. Yeah that's it. But I'm gonna make it up to you. How? By having double updates each day this week from Monday through Friday. So by Friday, there will have been 10 comic updates. How's that sound?
Double Late Update
Sorry about last week, was pretty busy with work (and I didn't feel like posting afterwards) >_> But here you go.
Double Update
Will the town be destroyed again?
Why hole?
Hole? He could've said "hat".
Double Update
Yaaaay more explosions!
We're Back I took a little break, but I'm back. I've got tons of free time now, all summer long. :) Terribly sorry for the 3 month hiatus, but we're back.
Triple Update...sorta
Holy mother guys, I am sooooo sorry for not updating in almost a month. I'm considering changing update days to either Friday or Saturday. Though, since I usually update around midnight, it could be both.
Double Update
*sigh* College. Sorry for the long delay, but here ya go.
Double Update
Yeaaaaah, sorry for not updating in so long. I've been busy with college work and they always seem to fall on a Sunday. I'll try harder next time. -_-;
Double Wednesday Update
An update, on a wednesday!!? :O
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Yeah, two in one...I'm lazy, okay. And I also got nothing for Christmas unlike the load of stuff I got last year.
Man, you're an excellent artist!! I'm actually really jealous! How do you do it, how long does it take? And I'm loving the story too. Keep it up.
Double Update
Yeah, double update! It's been ever so long!
Don't worry, there will be a comic this coming sunday. I had finals last time, so I was kinda busy
It's a bit of both.
Single Update
So stuff happened last week and this week, so I only managed one comic. Sorry.