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call me kessler or kell or whatever suits your fancy !

catch me over on deviantart @ asymmetric-ace
and on tumblr @ symmetricmusician
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September 15th, 2019
i never thought i would page it to page 300 gang this is wild
September 8th, 2019
sorry about last week. i finally figured out how to work my new tablet lmao
so we're back to these idiots
the boys are back !!! (well, most of them)
sorry for that mini-hiatus i got. So Busy......
sorry for the very late update i know its Not Sunday but i felt really bad about not being able to get the page done yesterday so here it is now

i hope you're ready for these two to be Incredibly Cool And Casual about this whole thing
here's the page! sorry about last week oof (work was kicking my ass)
anyway i hope you guys are ready for these guys to be Totally Normal At Work, Nothing Weird At All
spoiler alert: it's probably not as easily as they think
happy pride month, they're bfs it's official
(i feel like i've said this on every update this month)
chapter 17 !!!!! this one is gonna be fun i think
i can't believe this took like. five years.
but wait, konnor, you say. what on earth is the rest of the comic going to be about if alistair and nathaniel are finally together ????
well to that i say this comic is about their lives, not just them falling in love.
also this comic's not just about them (even tho it has largely been up to this point)

anyway, next chapter is gonna be fun and just thank yall for coming on this journey with me
sorry this is late ! i was way too tired last night to be able to finish it well

oh and uhhh it looks like there's just one page left in this chapter, that crept up on me fast wow
ali finally got up the nerve to say it, now if only nate could immediately learn how to process emotions
i was gonna be all cool and chill about this page and only say like "there it is" or something but uhhhh yall it's been like four years or whatever leading up to this im so excited to finally draw this page
i totally forgot to post this last night for some reason sorry guys
anyway enjoy my favorite fidel ive ever drawn in that second panel there
all of this page was done with while i've been sick! so! some of it might be a little off

anyway fido finally enters the scene again
i promise you that this whole thing resolves
will alistair try to avoid his literal bodyguard for an entire day? we'll see!

thanks for bein patient last week i was just so fuckin busy
you guys didnt think i was gonna make this easy, did you??
how the birds of prey get away with calling their hotel-base a 'compound,' the world will never know
is he gonna do it? is he really gonna do it ??
an entire page of ali thinking about how much he loves nate. you're welcome.