Waddle DeeDoo
I like to other peoples comics and I enjoy seeing how characters personalities are, I am learning to edit and rip sprites (though I'm mainly here to read comics, not create.). I love to comment on others creations and I am a huge fan of Kirby comics and I'm also a fan of Mega Man comics (I like Mega Man 2 style sprites.) & Mario games.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd, that's all.
tarnzar has many too much limbs i liek this comic
When you realize, Satomi could've used her stone ability to defeat Miracle Matter's stone form.
Also, why didn't Satomi come in right about now?
Totally not like Undertake or Earthbound
@Elemental Kirby: Satomi has stone btw. Unless thats ninja.
I'm using his jab attack to favourite
And then you just turn them back into the item they represent and and eat'em and them bring em back with full hp
Ask the spider in case it knows anything.
Sir Z puts everyone into detainment until the plumber is dead. Whoever kills him gets to stay inside that fancy mansion behind him.
Ask a spider/lure a spider in to the light like a lab rat.

The box looks like it can be opened, look at it.
Head back to the box and inspect it.
>The spiders don't seem to monde you, I'd say you follow where it goes, maybe that will help you with that puzzle?
Eleventhed Fighter Dee
Nod at the "Drawling" and see what the spider does next
Fugget about it and head to the hot springs, see if the orb will have any interesting reactions.
> Go the way you went to get here and throw the orb in the hot springs.