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And I'm out.
Liking the 'world' so far.
It still counts a world-building if there is no world, right?
That's a very interesting start.
Nothing to follow with words, just a name and silence.
I love it.
Well, it happens
This is just something that happens to some stories I guess.
I'm looking at alot of old things like this, and at least they didn't delete or hide everything like some authors do.
He just keeps replacing the person he brings until he runs out of employees that don't suggest it?
He'll eventually go alone if that is what's goin' on.
@TheCrazyChickenlady: And thus there was a white night replying to a joke.
I know those words
Even the colors of the words match
"Is your coffee..."
I love things like that, what page of game cafe was that?
Out of curiosity, is there any connection between this story and The Gamer Cafe?
I've waited so long, and I was so sad when I could no longer find this webcomic!
I hope so too
Wrapping it up in December would be a great gift.
Everytime Mana helps him with math...
August 19th, 2017
Sweet Dream are made of...
I have a few questions.
What is that bathroom floor made of?
What is that bathroom ceiling made of?!
...does that door have a handle?
July 6th, 2017
Why did you vanish?
And then there was Silence...
Might be my computer.
This page does not appear to be loading.
After all this time, you have to wonder ...
How many times has she made that joke?
That is just evil.
Poor Lyra.
I noticed an error
Most people won't notice it due to the type of mistake it is, but you typed the word "what's" twice in the last panel.