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Everyone's a bitch if it has to do with time

Go ahead and abandon time, take your time!
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I haven't been here in a year but that doesn't matter, remember?
A pretty cool roller coaster is still there at least
@Ian Evans: True true. Thanks for the advice my dude.
Glad I caught up with these while I was kinda absent for a few months and I'm glad you're still making these so frequently. I feel bad cause I really grew out of 2might4me and abandoned it. I still wanna do something on here but should it be something new?
Smooth, Ged. Smooth as sandpaper.
My favorite song from the police ;)
A very important, story related conversation between The Shmexy Seven. But more importantly, look at Cheese's brand new headband!
I'm more of a blumbering bag of faith
Don't hinder the Jinder
@Ian Evans: Omae wa mou shindeiru
Just dropping this off.
It's fun to have characters with such contrasting beliefs...or faiths...which one was it?
Why am I almost teary eyed from this damn
You see, that's why you listen to your teachers, even when they don't even do the procedure they taught you.
Sitting near the window like a true anime protagonist.
Yeah, Having "older" characters like this make it more believable. But who knows, maybe it's been longer than they think and they're both like 40. ;)
@Ian Evans: Yeah, there's no way I'm gonna stop making these, I just wanna make sure they're fun to make. Thanks for the advice.
@Nathan: Wow, thanks!