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hi world i like anime i started watching it since i was five i like to read a lot and thats just about it cause my life is boring.

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I love how Q is just standing in the backround.Its just the little details that facinate me
it was very good thing that gold did that cause i rlly wanted to ralts evolving into to his/her final stage
if you cheat i will reasonably throw you off a cliff LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on panel 4 its just hand it over already and lol on panel 6
April 29th, 2015
you should totally beat there faces they deserve it ^^
its kinda funny how officer jenny is just standing there doing nothing
panel 5 is you knew them since u were 5 not u know them
A knife slowpokes without tails team rocket pokenapping them could only mean one thing......The next pg is going to be awesome!!!
on panel 2 its does ruby know that instead of does ruby knows that
@MannyKat8x: LOL clara is playing pokemon
oh no i caught up now i have to wait
could you plz tell me what emulator you use
wait so is tex traviling alone
November 3rd, 2014
your about to lose the battle across the line
your about to make another mistake and even thouhg you try to stay awake your still gonna lose another friend but this nuzlocke aint gonna finish till the end.i cant think of anymore words plz finish this song
October 28th, 2014
i rlly love how you do it with all your faces
since when does atty say reackon
just break the rules thats what pokemon is all about POKEMON GOTTA BREAK THE RULES