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Past meets future, in the portal universe....GENIUS!!!!!!!
February 3rd, 2019

Ok sorry, I think I can phase all that into one question. Are they inside the mansion in that last panel?
February 3rd, 2019
How is he inside? Are they inside? This that even him? What is going on?
This may be bias but I hope Jenny wins! I’ve been a fan of Akumath for over 6 years now, so i’m Very familiar with her. Not to say Josh and olly are bad, but i’ve Basically knowen Jenny for years.
The pepe le pew of Pikachu’s folks!!! Also glad to see josh still in this.
Huh that was expected. Can’t wait to she what drama appears over the horizon. As for the 21st castaway, it’s gotta be the doll. It’s the only thing that makes sense.
This season is looking amazing so far early on. But that doll “Shudders” gives me the creeps. Reminds me a little of Chara from undertale mix with scrump from lilo and stitch.
Mele: I don’t trust her. Normally I’d think she’d be an amazing fun and happy character, but there’s just ONE problem. She’s from DANGANRONPA of all games. Even the nicest of people in those game can turn out to be brutal killers.
Naomi: Ah the medium the most difficult role in the game. I think this is gonna be fun
Nezumi: a toss up on this one. Strong yet cocky.
Ollie: Hm he’s gonna be a softie, that will be labeled as a villain just because of what he is.

Love it so far.
Josh:hmm I’ll give him a 50/50 chance, mostly because his tribe will need him in the beginning because he’s basically a guide. If he plays his cards right he could win.
Joy: about this one.
Kaid: ...I like him.
Lester: seems like the number one A whole of the game. Could he be the next Russell Hantz? Even if he isn’t, it’s gonna be fun seeing what mayhem he can cause.
Derrick H: I like him, hopefully he gets far
Jahira: hoo boy, this is gonna be a LONG season.
Jeannie: hmm I like her. Kind of reminds me of Norm From the Fairlyodd Parents. Only a lot nicer and not a dude.
Jenny. O.O...OH MY GOD. Ok THIS is someone I KNOW will go far. I mean any one who’ve read Akumaths Main comic knows who THIS is. Don’t care who else is in this season Jenny is my pick.
Amadeus: hmm i’m Getting Riddle/AL vibes off of him, hope he last longer then they did.
Charity: Perky yet dangerous, my king of gal.
CutieCat: She may be my favorite right now, from what I can tell she knows how to work a crowd.
Dreke L:...issac,,Jackie and Juiced Up. Nouth said.

So far so good.
This season looks good. Hope it works out better then my email.

Also is that a meowth I spy?
Seems like Lake messed up...or did he? Me thinks Lake is playing them like a fiddle.
Whenever I hear evil pickman I think of the minions from overlord...Fantasic game Series by the way.
...Raise your hand if you saw this coming! "raises hand".

Now that she's gone things are going to get crazy for bowser.
It seems like Brandi is screwed. but something tells me help will come in the form of a most unlikely 3 Allies


if i'm wrong i'll eat my Xbox one.
"The Scene opens up to a horde of Tentacool and Tentacreule as the rushed passed a metal trash can in the middle of the road" Zooms in onto Trash can as CC head pops out of it, looking like he hasn't eaten, bathed or slept for a week" Wow didn't Think lake had the Ca-hones to vote her off. Hope Brandi can survive Vinnie's Anger. She probably won't have it as bad as i have this week. At least they don't seem to be too smart. "Suddenly a large shadow appears over him, he looks up and pales as he sees Nihilego looking down at him""the last scene before the scene goes black is CC screaming in fear as Nihilego dives down at him'
"Zooms in on CC still running" Wow this 'huff' is a lot of 'puff' drama going on here. Hopefully 'Huff' someone will catch 'puff' onto Bonnie soon 'wheez'. It's been awhile 'huff' now, maybe they've stoped 'Puff' chasing me. "Turns head around and sees a tentacrule's tentacle only 3 inches behind him" HOLY SHIT!!!! "Gains a second wind and runs like a bat outta hell, with the horde still on his tale"
O.o...HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS COMING?!?! Good Job Mate you got me, I can't wait to see what else you- "A loud Rumbling noise suddenly interrupts" What in the the name of-? "Turns around and quickly pales at what he sees coming his way" OH NOT AGAIN!!!! "Takes off running off panel as a hord of Tentacool and Tentacrule rush after him"