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Hey! I am T_C.

I have been off of SmackJeeves for so long, but I am back and ready to make comics. Oh man, this is going to be great.
This makes me so happy <3
Well, I didn't know thats what you wanted it for.
This wasn't as sad I as I worried it to be!
Sudden sound effects. It is almost like they weren't there earlier...

Just teasing :3
I'll get to sending the sprites as soon as I can :D

You can also spam me on MSN if I forget.

But why HD D:

All the good times

The third and fifth ones are great. But the sixth is terrible.
Go Hockey!~

Exploding blood? Is that because of the C-4, or your Bomb Bomb powers? xD
Go Hockey!~

This is my favourite fight so far. Vas is just adding to the amazing effect of the comic.
I think Death looks sexy >w<~
I still want to actually talk with her. She sounds awesome. How did V-Day go with her, anyhow?

Yeah! Math first!~
The lightning looks cool :3
They look so cute >w<
Math's emotions amused me |D
What were their parents, if they are all related?
I'm tempted to make a filler. Just something small to get people updating again.
What is Somke talking about? You never saw any of this! Am I crazy?
No, it's in the drawn version. You guys just never got to see that. Ah well.

Anyone want to affiliate? It would be nice!


Anyone notice my comics seem to be getting worse?
Don't paint balls go sploosh when broken?
Good friends help by making comics.

( Painballs go sploosh on the back of my head D: )

And you added my comic~
I made you make the Affliliate page :P
That Robot is wearing a dress.

It is sorta bothering me. Slightly.

Yay for another update!
That running thing looks weird e_o