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Hi. I did freelance art and prop work for many years after becoming
frustrated with the ever present politics involved in being a high end
prototype machinist.
I enjoyed several years of doing freelance work for several computer
game covers for a few popular games out there. I often created for the
now long defunct Microillusions that first brought out the delightful
game Faery Tale and others.
I have also worked in the motion picture industry doing science fiction
props. I've created for movies like Men in Black and the scifi TV series
Babylon Five.
I am semi-retired due to health constraints and am currently trying to
teach myself how to use some of the 3D computer graphic programs
available by working on an online graphic novel/comic titled "THE STORMRUNNERS"
Thanks for taking a look.
Hello? anybody out there? be nice to see a comment or two...
I know. The story just gets started and suddenly your stuck reading a whole page of crap.... Well, don't read it, just wait for the next update. I'm sure most of you won't have any trouble at all.................
I ain't picking up after that..........!
I think this is a very entertaining story. The fun and gore are well mixed into a fast paced story and interesting characters!