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Not doing comics anymore, just here to watch stuff. :P
*goes to get cat*
TTGL is true manlyness.
Is that guy in the back... pantless?
Oh silly you. Why wouldn't it hurt if you pass out in a pirate camp? :P
Brilliant comic, just read all of it.

+fav. :3
Enter the district without checking for traps or saving.
August 25th, 2009
Haha, cool. Where in Holland were you? You should've totally visited me. :P
@SWSU-Master: yeah, I'm trying a more ghetto-ish personality for her.
So, here we see the first team: Lay-laya. Seems like they're having some problems. You can also see the convesionals you have in Survivor. I hope you like how it looks.

And two small notes:
1. The white commentary is said by Kaiba. He will commentate every now and then during the challenges.
2. A "chibi" (panel 2) is basically a small and out of anatomy drawn version of a character you sometimes see in anime. I decided to make Luffy it during this challenge for fun. :P
Glad to see someone still reading this. :3
I'll try and update soon, but I'm a bit busy hanging out with friends and stuff :P
I bet you tought this comic was dead. Well, it was. Now it's semi-alive. I'll try and update more (not making any promises though). Just enjoy for now. ;)
Poor Brario... oh wait.
Going with Pacman.

Not too much a fan of Snake and Geno is still apart of Mario.
I prefer the left one. Just looks a bit more Ganondorf-ish.
ZOMG, you're back :D

Pssh Americans. They're just overrated. =p
That didn't go as Amy planned. :p
Wow, you are (almost) over 400 guest comics. :|
Nice hammer. :3