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"Someday you'll let go of my hand, to look to the far, far sky. I'll kick you from behind and laugh at you to hurry."

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It's gonna be a while before I start posting comic pages again, but I thought while I had the app, I'd make a tumblr page for this comic. That way I can do all my sketching dump it there, and no one has to feel like I spent another year procrastinating .3. eventhoughthat'sttlywhatimgonnadomaybesortakinda
so have a linky along with some adorbs cuddling.
@wicked kisameru: yes. A lot happened this past year to keep me occupied but I'm going to open up my old files and start updating again. .3.
@Witchling: Liam's is under his hair and his skin has always been really fair so it doesn't show up well .w.
6 months it's taken me to realize how much I miss this comic D:
but that's not the point, the point is, I'm gonna start uploading again, I've killed both my saves (Liam and Cirel) on the games, and I'm making run throughs with both of them again to remind me how much this story meant to me.
So enjoy the random sketchy filler.
I've always kind of imagined the whole reason Liam became so close to Zev in the beginning was projection. XDD
So here's a bit of TamlenXLiam for you, go look the song up though, it's Supercell ft. Nagi, and amazing .D.
XDDD danke danke sadly enough I don't think Zevran will make another appearance till the end XDD nah, it's Hawke focus after the next page. >D
(insert witty comment here) XDDD
I've had this done for about three days now, and I've just NOW remembered to put it up....also....Am I the ONLY one who wanted to smack Merrill for bringing the 'killer mirror' to Kirkwall? XDDDD
The first plot hole that I warned you all about, after you either kill the clan or take responsibility for Merrill the mirror was supposed to have disappeared....but I didn't know about that till after I wrote this scene...XDD
I know right? killer cliff hanger is killer XDDD gomen, I'll do my best to throw up another before the weekend so people can raeg XDD
DX< argh, this was supposed to have had another panel...but I ended up changing it last minute XDD
Nah you're not the only one XDD I thought about that when I drew it lol
It wasn't me--
it was the one armed man! And my evil twin! They stole me away from my computer for sooo loonnnnggg DX
Merrill's house....I hate it. Gonna try not to take so long getting the next page out.
o.o.....Pfft Has not noticed this.
(oh crap, I'm so fail, how could I not have paid attention? I blame you Justice...I blame you and your emo self..*muttergrumbleputter*)
Because I'm lazy..
His cloak falls. I hate drawing hoods. XDD
Yep yep. :3
it's all because they took Anders' ponytail away in the second game....they took his snark and ponytail...and made the whole world sad. XD
X3 danke danke
Hawke, why is it that you get the better end of (seemingly) everything? No taint, better graphics, and a button mashing attack system...and now FILLERS!? >.>;; I don't know.
By the by.....official (and late) Welcome to Kirkwall (filler) XDDD
Seriously, go listen to Miku Hatsune's Rolling Girl...tis epic. :3
Maybe one of these days I'll be able to draw you well. XDD
You have to love it. They have an entire section dedicated to the Dalish language. Never again with the
:3 ooo, I've never been sailing, on a boat, but never sailing XD

Well....I DID use a model ship for my references XDDDDD