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I love anime, writing, reading, and tv. I have 2 learning disabilities which make me very blunt. You have been warned. Currently looking for a co-author for my manga that I'm working on. I'm not very good at drawing, so I'd like to team up with someone who is. Doesn't have to be in color either.
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Ever considered having this published as an actual comic? I'd sure as hell buy it!
As sad as I am that you stopped, at the same time, I'm kinda happy. Your epic awesomeness was gonna make the universe implode if you drew the entire story all the way to the end! If not the universe, then my head, at least, was gonna implode from the awesomeness of your comic!
@ulquihime: I very much agree. I wish I had half Rip's skill at drawing backgrounds and working with shading! As things stand, I have a more sketch-style of art. No where near Rip's level of awesomeness.
February 21st, 2016
@Crimson Chains: Actually, the scale and perspective just made it seem to be a couple of blocks large, at most.
@Cyna: failure my ass! can i steal your talent?
@Cyna: This would be perfect if Vilbert had white wings/wing stumps!
This is my sixth time reading this comic and each time I see this page, I feel like my mind is going to melt from the awesomeness of your comic.
@jolliapplegirl: I know what you mean! I love it!
@Rip the Hunter: Like I said, rushing. unless you're a graphic novel artist for a living.
@mangamaster10: he didn't lie. he said "what if". never said he'd killed her.
@Crimson Chains: Yeah, probably re-read this story about 30 times since finding it. I still say submit it to a publishing company once you're done. Never hurts to try, right? I'm gonna do that once I finish my own webcomic, or maybe just the story behind it.
@Crimson Chains: Can I submit a mask for fun? I made it in art class.

Yeah, waaaaaay late. I know.
@Crimson Chains: At Kaido's mercy, or lack thereof! No way Kaido's showing mercy to that dipshit! He was trying to kill Aki!
Ever considered getting this published? I'd so buy it!
Quick question
I just have to ask, ever considered getting this published? It would be a major hit!
Hiro looks so regal! Just give him a dress, and he'd look like a princess! :P
@Doodlebot117: Nope, she turned his own words back on him! He said the same thing when he kidnapped her under orders! Go girl!
@Rip the Hunter: Thanks for explaining! I was SOOO lost!
I know the feeling. I just got a new computer, so I can FINALLY get back to my own webcomic! I'd actually appreciate it if you'd take a look at it. I'm also gonna turn it into a story, so I can know what to draw better. You're an awesome artist!
@sakiq: don't you mean fifth eye? He has 4 others.