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Neptunian Princess
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Love it! You can see the evolution of your drawings. Like it. Definitely!!
Just keep going I really like the story! ^^
Hmmm I don't like the look of this!!! Trouble in paradise!? I really like how they look with color eyes it looks cool!!! And good to hear that you feel better now and I hope your better half feels better too ;)!!! So like always keep up the GOOD WORK ^^
Mmm occasionally you could put a little bit more spicy scenes when the moment gets more romantic maybe ;) But either way I think is fine as it is!! So keep up the amazing work!!! Thumbs UP!!
Love It
Since the beginning until now I have enjoyed this story so keep it up buddy!!! ;D
Will they kiss? Of course they will kiss, definitely I bet on that!!! Why? Cause their feelings are in the air waiting to explode!!! I think Janey will put herself on the line telling Sarah that she still loves her and that she has change and will work things out. The bets are open Ladies and Gentlemen so lets get ready to the rumbleeeeeee!!! Ding Ding!!!
@skyangel: Haha!!! Nice!!! Keep up the good work skyangel!! As I said before I really love the story so much. Amazing job ;) Can't wait for the next update hehe!!!
@EleanorA: Hmmm I don't know but I think that Janey plans to confess to Sarah that she's still having feelings for her that she was just bragging that she was fine with her girlfriend just to make Sarah jealous but the reality is that she is just comfortable with her but not in love. And we can't forget that Sarah still has feelings for Janey. Maybe I'm wrong but will see what happens next!!! ;) Love this story so, so much!!!
Sweet an uptade!!! Can't wait for the next one! Keep up the good work ;)