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Hi :3 I'm Eelis, a bit shy, soon 14 yo transmale from Finland.. I like reading, bl, anime, manga, my friends and magpies. I'd wanna date gay boys, but since I look like a girl, I can't :c But anyway, I recommend you guys those comics that are in my favorites :) They're definitely worth your time, believe me <3
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    Emilia (aka Eelis)
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September 5th, 2015
They're so cute >///< (Thank you for updating, you made my day even better :3)
I love it >///< Thank you @Lucid <3
Omfg, I'm REALLY gonna pass out soon.. This page is so hot and pretty >///<
Omg, Cole, you look so cute >///< And for the heavens sake Hekate, didn't I tell you to leave them alone >:c ? (In any case, thanks for updating again, dear @Mechanicalpenguin :3)
Aw, they're so cute >///< Your drawing style is really beautiful, y'know :3 ?
Welcome back :3 I hope had you fun at Otakon..

Cole, no.. Don't leave Nikolai alone :c (Thanks for updating :3)
Oh my.. So hot >///< (thank you for updating, this made my day better :3)
*blushes* So. Frickin'. Hot. Oh my goodness, I really think I'm gonna pass out soon.. I mean, your drawing style is so pretty :3
I hope you get well soon :3 And btw, your costumes look all really cool :D
Let Cole go, Hekate :c You're not nice at all.. And btw, Cole isn't "yours". (Thank you for updating ^u^ )
July 13th, 2015
For the heaven's sake, Hekate, leave the poor babies alone :c (btw, thanks for updating :3)
Gawd Vanilla, you're REALLY making me laugh here.. Nah, I'm happy that you care 'bout Jura-dear :3 (And btw, thanks for updating ^^)
Welcome back :3 And lmao because of Vanilla's face at 4th panel xD
They're so cute >///< And there's no need to speed up, I think it's perfect this way. Btw, I love your style :3
Leave the poor babies alone, Cole's daddy :c Can't you see Cole's afraid? And btw, I love your style @Mechanicalpenguin >///< Thanks for updating!
Nikolai, now would be a good time to run, am I right? Cole's daddy is being quite scary right now.. (By the way, thanks for updating ^^)
July 6th, 2015
Poor Cole.. :c I'm glad Nikolai protects him.
Gannet-dear, you're pretty obvious in the 4th panel, y'know :D ? So cute >////< But anyway, @Lucid, thanks for updating - I think your comic is simply awesome :3
Happy anniversary :3 I simply love your comic ^u^
Those two are so cute :3 I ship them ^^