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Name: Unknown. Usually referred to as Kujo or Kuji
Age: 23 years
Height: 5'7"

Deviantart: KujoSutefanii
Y!Gallery: KujoSutefanii
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My cats are the same xD
The water looks like it turned black with flies coming out of it! Yeah, I'd throw up too :I
Awesome! :'D Thank you!
Riley can also dog xD

But lol, cuties~ <3
I love it! Thanks so much Vany! They're all amazing! <3
He looks great! Welcome!
@Solaihzilla: LMAO! *changes the title* @ v @
It's canon
@TheCurrySan: Ahh yeee! :'DDD I love all German Shepherds but the white ones are just soooo pretty! I want one!
@ailea: Uh no! It was fabulous!
Oh God xD They're just way too wasted. I feel bad for their livers.
@Solaihzilla: :'D Yeaaaah! He's sooo proud of his badge too! It makes him feel like a cop.
Yay! ; v ; Riley will hope for pets then!
Name: Riley

Age: 21 years old

Height: 6'2"

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual. He'll fuck anyone... maybe even things...

Birthday: August 9th

Likes: Food(especially meats), cuddling, warmth, getting wet, swimming, bones, getting petted and scratched, the outdoors

Dislikes: Loneliness, sour or really spicy food, being indoors for long periods of time, some vegetables, falling and tripping, being ignored.

Markings: He has scar on his left thigh from a bullet wound. He has a few little scars here and there as well.

Job: Security guard, Tai's pet

Personality: Riley is generally a very mature man, putting duties and others before himself. He loves to please others, especially people he loves or cares for.
However, being a dog most his life, he has a childish side. He loves attention and love, wanting to snuggle and kiss his master to death. He gets excited easily when it has to do with things or activities he likes.
Around other canines, Riley can get pretty short tempered though. It mostly has to do with his dog pride.

History: Riley was born to a pure breed couple who were in breeding for years(they were dogs, the mother being able to shift). He was chosen since birth to be a police dog, starting basic training since he was a small pup.

Once he was ready to go to work, he was placed with a female cop, becoming her dog and living with her. She eventually found out that he could shift and things had become quite romantic between the two. Riley was in love with her, thinking that she was the woman of his life.

When he was a young man, 19 almost 20, he was shot by a criminal. Luckily it was nothing fatal but still, he had bled out quite a bit. He was rushed to a vet where he was immediately brought into surgery. After hours had passed, the bullet was removed and he was bandaged up.

After years of therapy, Riley was finally able to walk and run again. But due to severe nerve damage, he felt random pains in his thigh at times and sometimes even tripped and/or fell. Due to this, he was not suited anymore to be a police dog and was 'fired'. His owner had gotten a new dog and seemed to have forgotten about him. Feeling betrayed and hurt, Riley ran away. He walked over two towns, it taking days of living in the streets and eating trash. He finally collapsed in the cakeshop back alley where Tai found him.

Once he came to, he eventually shifted to Tai, telling him he was homeless. After some talking, Tai had agreed to take him in as his pet. It would be hard to just forget his ex-owner who he still loved but the idea of a fresh start with a new owner who's love only him pet-wise sounded nice. So he accepted.

He now lives in Tai's home, 'working' as a security guard for the shop (since it wouldn't be too physically damanding for him) and happily sleeping at the end of Tai's bed every night.

Bonus information:
+Trips and falls if he runs too much. Sometimes even for no reason. This is due to severe nerve damage from when he was shot.
+Is a white German Shepherd
+Can shift into a big white dog
+Lives with the boss
OMG I'm surprised Tai didn't break his spine!
Oh God xD That was just amazing. He's such an amazing derp.
Such a cutie kjdfbkljdfsbhklrehf!!! *A* I can't wait to meet him!
Awww. Poor baby! ;A;

And woo! Comment virginity~
@RiingoAkuma: It's actually the bottom of his shirt thing xD Not his sleeves. But it does look like it if you don't look close enough.
Yay! :'D Even my dork is there! fbjksdgbstlhy <333 THANK YOU!