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Born in Ireland, moved to the states and married a wonderful woman from South Africa.
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    Michael Hartman
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seems like mommy forgot about us again ;)
I did not know QVC was still around.
when that is said, the laws of drama demands she sits in-between them
good build up, it gives a good chance to bring in some one new. Or a good panning shot to the main cast.
@skyangel: Well welcome back kido. and I only checked once a week.
Geee where you been, you should make a comic every day to make up the weeks your were gone. Oh and welcome back and I know it will be grand.
She's been to busy and scared about the GF
Calling out to the dead only has two things happen. One nothing or something scary that will keep you up at night.
Did they get punch by batman?
And people made stuff like that out of Iron to keep the Fae away.
I seen a building like that in the state I live in. If I can find a picture of it I will post a link.
The crows around where I live in the states are huge. But very smart, they love to hang out in my yard due to us feeding them.
What would I do if I was her.
I would want to deal with that my self either and would handle it pretty much the same.
I think the art is great, you put effort in to this web comic. So don't get down on your self
when you get to a point take a break.
I bet the guys he is meeting will be giving her a 6 figure job
good be around a lot of people this way no big out burst..... says every man as he being looked at by every one in the room.
Now I can sleep at night, we know where she got her car from.
Bravo you hit a few good points that gives Sarah some depth. She is showing some smarts in thinking of this, and she knows she might be shoved out of every thing soon.