Born in Ireland, moved to the states and married a wonderful woman from South Africa.
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I am surprised she did not go to her cop friend to help her sort it out.
She is more tactfully about this, I would of just blurted out what I wanted to say.
I am wondering if Lenore is helping.
@skyangel: We don't pay you so its more then ok if you make very minor mistakes like that.
@kidcthulhu: I know HOW DARE SHE forget us.... oh how will I live. But you are doing great with the comic.
@kidcthulhu: At least she was not told Laura was living on the farm now.
Faking death or do our lovely redhead have multiple personality
I love how you skirt the super natural here, keep up the good work.
What she said kind of reminds me of survivors guilt.
Once a week is fine for me, but if you wanted to shut this one down and just do the other site I am ok going to that one also.
chimney fires very common even today in some places.
what a bad way to die
Go for the eyes boo. Nerd points if you got this.
From what I been told you under sold what the Romani people been treated.
BURN THE WITCH, SEND HE BACK TO HELL. IS it not funny even back then they hid faces to hide the fact they know what they were doing is wrong.
She did it and ran with my never more joke
I hope they do not rile Sarah up to much.
At least once you need to do a "Never more" joke
Maybe May will tell the other spirit to settle down.
I once had a room mate that use to read our other room mates diary and then use that to be a jerk to her. So me and her sat down and wrote real nasty stuff what she was going to do to him. He came to me later scared for his life.