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Did they get punch by batman?
And people made stuff like that out of Iron to keep the Fae away.
I seen a building like that in the state I live in. If I can find a picture of it I will post a link.
The crows around where I live in the states are huge. But very smart, they love to hang out in my yard due to us feeding them.
What would I do if I was her.
I would want to deal with that my self either and would handle it pretty much the same.
I think the art is great, you put effort in to this web comic. So don't get down on your self
when you get to a point take a break.
I bet the guys he is meeting will be giving her a 6 figure job
good be around a lot of people this way no big out burst..... says every man as he being looked at by every one in the room.
Now I can sleep at night, we know where she got her car from.
Bravo you hit a few good points that gives Sarah some depth. She is showing some smarts in thinking of this, and she knows she might be shoved out of every thing soon.
I doubt most would care if you take a week off for xmas.
Did you put a face on that tree or am I still over looking it again?
poor kid
@Fruitbat44: I was going to make a Mrs Robinson joke but you got to it before me
@kidcthulhu: I agree its a nice and slow build up. And you get a feeling, you might really feel sorry for Laura. If you make your readers feel bad for a fictional being then you are doing it right.
I bet the father is a good guy and Lucy is really the bad one.... na to common in story's.
I hope the ghost steps in soon.
@skyangel: You have to be awake when they do it, and I was told you also smell what the laser is doing