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Born in Ireland, moved to the states and married a wonderful woman from South Africa.
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Did you put a face on that tree or am I still over looking it again?
poor kid
@Fruitbat44: I was going to make a Mrs Robinson joke but you got to it before me
@kidcthulhu: I agree its a nice and slow build up. And you get a feeling, you might really feel sorry for Laura. If you make your readers feel bad for a fictional being then you are doing it right.
I bet the father is a good guy and Lucy is really the bad one.... na to common in story's.
I hope the ghost steps in soon.
@skyangel: You have to be awake when they do it, and I was told you also smell what the laser is doing
I am glad I have good eye sight as I could never wear contacts or get laser done.
I bet she is hiding because she is a black ops agent.
hast tags for the win for a change
I am surprised she did not go to her cop friend to help her sort it out.
She is more tactfully about this, I would of just blurted out what I wanted to say.
I am wondering if Lenore is helping.
@skyangel: We don't pay you so its more then ok if you make very minor mistakes like that.
@kidcthulhu: I know HOW DARE SHE forget us.... oh how will I live. But you are doing great with the comic.
@kidcthulhu: At least she was not told Laura was living on the farm now.
Faking death or do our lovely redhead have multiple personality
I love how you skirt the super natural here, keep up the good work.