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Nik Names: Bray, Snail, Wednesday
Occupation: Making Phonebooks
Age: 19

Likes: Art, Photography, modeling, painting, reading, writing, movies, music, dancing, fashion, make-up

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That's awesome!
My Little Pony (C) Hasbro.

Again - Sorry.
Updates WILL be more frequent from now on!
XD Omg!
Thats awesome!
Thats pretty much what my Psych teacher said about me LoL!
:O I LOVE the background!!
Heck, I love all of it.
Guest Comic Two
Cute JAWS Comic/Guest Strip by Check her out!
Guest Strip One
This Lovely guest comic is from Really! his comics are quite funny, despite the fact that they are just stick figures.

Check 'im out!
October 18th, 2007
It is %100 legal to get high on Nutmeg...

However, only an idiot would Actually do it!
October 13th, 2007
@ Powder Rune: ^^ Thanks :) For A while I was thinking of getting it made into a Poster - but I'd have to draw it a lot bigger.

:P Who knows.. maybe someday I'll be ambitious enough to have SP Merch. ^^
September 27th, 2007
Aughh SORRY!

I know this is late, and I've been slacking on my update duties.... I didn't think Packing and work would take up so much of my time.

I will try my best to keep updating once a week until I'm moved, and then I'll have more free time.
Ahh! Happy be-lated Birthday!
Cute drawing - Loves the horsey :)
^^ YAY! Congats!
Sooo- What would you like the drawing of?? I'm excited :P
@ beater - ooh - where would I go to learn Java... is there something special that I need to buy or anything?
Guhh! Sorry it's not an actual comic... I've been swamped with work and packing... but It's an update at least.. right?

In any case, the first person to find all the words.. and prove it some how (ie:save the word search to your comp and 'highlite' the words with photoshop or something and put it on photobucket so I can see it) will get a drawing of their choice?

Sounds like fun, right!?

Ahh! So glad to see a new page ^-^!

... You wouldn't happen to have any Link Banners, would you?
Ahh he's so pretty! I love that dress!
Aww This is such an awesome comic! Romy is so Cute!!
September 8th, 2007
@Powder Rune - THANKS! Your comments make my day ^^! Trust me - I have no intention of giving up this comic!

I'm really glad you like the style; Do you ever read ? You'd probably really enjoy her comics!