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Hello, my name is Loki. Yeah that's about it
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No, it's not a shark. The name Blood Shark is just a misnomer, it's a raccoon.
I'll be updating through Plenny. Too lazy to re-join.

And there you go RG, Blood Shark.
I'm not a loser, you wanker.

I just can't find time to update. Too much shit going on and well, I think i'm better off without spriting.

Well, i'm quittin the comic. I don't you guys really care but whatever. See you guys!
Aww, i was hpoing for an update. But that's awesome, you're making another one. Hope to see it!
well it was a little pixelated... you could actually tell his sprites weren't properly resized
Let's see... he's the other reaper who looks like a sprite from a pokemon game.

Note: he hasn't updated in a looonngg time
What in the hell?

pretty good comic though
Cool, magenta neku sprites.

*goes back to playing TWEWY*
Um...I think we're full? But ask RG just in case
*pokes* is everyone dead?
Heh, nice. Loving this comic :D
Well, we're only strange since we're waiting for you guys to advance the plot. Otherwise we'll keep erasing RO's Sharks for the hell of boredom.
btw, RO can you put up the shark sprites?
Alright, Aegyl and I are just downcutting the population of sharks.
Dude, TCF. Shut up. Stop being so damn high and mighty. This is CG's comics so he can do whatever the hell he likes.
Mmm...i think i gotta update at some point this week.
Wrong T-rex. He put the E-call out because his timer was coming to an end. duh
Yo! Sorry i haven't been posting. been camping in yosemite for a bit. Darklove and I will put ours up in well...a week or so. Now back to mountain climbing for me :D
Heh Kooler. I just overpowered beat on his day by beating up those jellyfishes. just kill the bright blue ones and let the grey ones respawn. That or just get to level 100 then put your strongest pins on and keep pushing down so beat would block. Hopefully he can keep alive while you beat the hell out of kitaniji.