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Blood War
I draw stuff and play video games.
It seems our "Hero" learned how to fight from the great Mr. Satan!
Fallout 4 enemy
-Mermaid Man
better then one, two, three, and four town...
Oh god not the news
A story not really thought about, just going around doing whatever.
What is this Skyrim?
(or any sandbox game)
It's gonna suck next time he dies.
"your bed was missing or obstructed"
Well there goes going back home for Christmas
Wait so he's kinda like Kenny when he dies.
Looking at the poster, I see he's a fan of your work.
The Box better have a snake in it
Everything I know is a lie!
I hope the Dad is going to be a Earthbound reference and give him mad cash later on and call him telling him to take a break and save his game.