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is not nice to say reatard
That'd be total cheating.
jet teh hedgehog
January 16th, 2009
Falcon.. PUNCH!
Uh, dude, these are old. I have much more updated sprites than this.
Oh.. sorry, i've been gone for a while that i didn't bother to keep up. I don't know how to post them on the sprite page either.
Out of the shadows
I'm coming back from the dead, from the shadows, from my computer chair. For anyone who will proably ignore this, it means i'm gonna make comics again. I just need someone to pm me what the hell is going on right now..
jet teh hedgehog
December 1st, 2008
looks like the end of mystory is close, hope not though.
I will post my unfinished sprites soon
GUYS! I'M BACK. Not like anyone will care anyway. But after i get some new sprites, i'm gonna be making comics again.
Today is a arngy day for you.
Um...actually..isn't he a elf?
If i was sold irl i would be very arngy.
This is a new comic me and my friend made. We'll hold comeos and all, so it would be cool if you guys would look at it.
Wow, none even comment or probably even bothered to read the comic i made.
Giant talking thingy
Finally updated, this is somthing i made because i didn't know what else i could do, this is somthing so somone can help him. If somone does repawn to this, i might keep going with it. And the second reason i made this is because of the author clean-up, i don't want to be cleaned up from this comic, i like my spot here. Edit:This is in the future, Gizen was in full control of Jet, but somhow Gizen was turned into a powerful fire. And got the power to fuse with Jet using the fire power, if somne can make better sprites for it they can. EDIT AGAIN:Fg stands for Fire Gizen.
Dude, why is every comment i make ignored? and none ever coments on my comics but Matt and a few others...i feel so ignored. Maybe its time to update.
Does anyone even look at the sprite sheets i put up? put them on the sprite patc Glash, please. Second, i asked, can i be on the 3rd group?
OPPS, i put in the wrong ones..i'll delete this later..or somone could do it for me since i don't know how to delete..