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Kiss her!
Kiss her!!
October 25th, 2015
@Marina: Otra española!! Greeeat!!

@skyangel es genial, y no sólo como dibujante!

Bienvenida! :)
October 25th, 2015
I don't like Lucy's last face a bit... she is keeping something....

Ok. I just reach 1.80m/5.9ft (and luckily I don't get to that much weight!!)
So... yep. Couch Sex is not made for you.
You will always have the floor!! :p

Mmmmm sorry to disagree... I'm tall and I don't find couches unpractical for sex...

Maybe yours is too small or maybe you are using it in the "wrong position"?







Hey Sky!

I'm trying to write the storyline but I don't know if it will turn into a comic or a book!!

It might be too complex for a comic... or I'm making it too complicated...

I admire you comic-writers even more now! :)

Laura was a Lucy's music mate... she maybe played violin?
They played together. Lucy felt in love and Laura... maybe too but wasn't prepared to be with another woman o just didn't fall in love but took advantage of Lucy in some way...
I would even dare to say that they were really in love and Laura died but some comments make me think that it was not something that moving...
He's the friend Zen had when she was a child??
Lucy and Laura are the same person!!

She has Multiple personality disorder!!
@pretty jodye flacko:

You mean that's Lucy's hidden talent?

I know is not her child because of a Sky's comment, but it's funny making options up :p

I know but something that "we said we would let Lucy talk about her at her tine".. it's implies she should tell about her at some point... so the impact in the past has to be still important in the present....
Can be Laura Lucy's kid?...

If not... Why is someone from Lucy's past still so crucial?

Don't worry. I can't get mad with someone who has such a cute avatar ;)
We,strange Spanish girls, are great pen pals :p
August 24th, 2015
The more I think about the Nikki & Lucy idea the more I like it...

She is definitely a woman... in your draws.

Im in love with your new avatar!!!!

Any chance you keep her a girl and make her marry me!!???
(Marrying is not what I had in mind but it sounds way better than my actual intentions...)