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Yep, I'm the Akuma the Hedgehog, the real one. Thanks to the Fallout Shelter deleting my old Comic Topic, it gave me an excuse to have a new archive somewhere and also to finally have an account on Smackjeeves. So I'll be checking around for new comics that I will like.
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Last one for now...
Yeah, I haven't been keeping up with this for too long. So this and another comic I'm doing is going to be on an indefinite hiatus. When will I come back to it, I don't know.

But I do know it won't be to finish this story. So if you want to know how it ends, the final two will be the Undertaker and Bugs Bunny. I'll let you guys figure out how that will turn out.
I'm surprised Akuma is still popular.

But I have a feeling Frenzy is going to win the match despite losing the polls.
Since Super Mario Bros Z is back...
I was wondering about the Axem Rangers Z. In the original, they were just Megaman sprites with the Axem Ranger's head put on them.

I wanted to imagine what the rebooted versions would look like. So I just put the Axem Rangers heads I made in the past on recolored Fairy Tail Sprites. With the exception of Yellow who has also Don Krieg's One Piece GBA Sprites for the top half.

It was done of boredom, but would be easy to sheet if he is interested. Doubt it, but who knows?
We... Are the Crystal Gems.
I made this Pearl sprite using a JUS Sprite. Wish I could fix the eyes.
I really need to start uploading here more...
So I am going to try to upload sprites I have made here more often.

This week, Parappa the Rapper. This was a sprite made for the Super Smash Crusade fan game -

While it is not confirmed Parappa is in the game (let alone this sprite to be used), I just wanted to make it to support the idea of putting the Rapping Dog in the game.
Last Shot Out of Canon for a while
Going to take August off to work on the Sprite Royal Rumble. I'll hopefully do weekly updates to let you guys catch up with that.
@DamageTH: Best to focus on specific people at a time. With this particular series, I do not have to worry about that since it is not really canon.
Some of it definitely looks better than my version (arms and foot shading), but others look odd to me. Maybe a third opinion.
If you check my forum, you would see I'm looking for some sprites. One of which is a Servbot. I've seen plenty, but none that would look appropriate with the Tron Bonne sprite I plan to use.

So I figured why not try it myself. Hopefully it'll be good enough to use or at best inspire others to make much better versions.

Always iffy with how I shade. and I can't help but feel he's looking downward instead of straight like other sprites. Any suggestions for improvements?
The Rottens aren't doing well...
First a non-fighting scientist and now a yet to be properly introduced villain. She's still a blank state, so don't expect much for now.
Glad to see you're back updating the comic. Hopefully you'll get a new laptop soon.

And Freezing Demon is coming soon?
Of course he has a higher form. He probably have 20 of them.
@NekoVira: For the sprites they hosted, sure. But InSonicia does prove my point. Yet still, have you tried to access the forum through the Wayback Machine?
@James: Yeah, the Wayback Machine is not a smart idea to look for those sprites. Not only does it not save everything (due to a file that prevents it or some other reason), but the forum it came from was not even linked on the MFZ.

Like I said, best to wait for the guys behind it to officially release it again.
@Tomcat_X: You probably do know why, but for those who don't: it was on the Mystical Forest Zone forums, but that went down.

NinjaRaccoon did a bunch of Modern Genesis (really better looking Sonic 3 Style) sprites and was working on a sheet where you can make a Mobian much easier.

Now its up to him to upload that again for others to use.
An Alliance and the Rottens down 1.
To be fair, the Rottens have more power hitters on their team than the others.
Pregnant and still kicking butt. I bet she'll deliver her own baby herself.
Sticks the Badger
Made this yesterday using the old "Make a Mobian" Sheet that was available in the past. Tried to find someone else who made it but the most I found was Sonic Advance Style (even one Sonic 1 Style).
Samus: The Queen of Arm Cannons.
I hope he got his air breaks checked out before this. He's gonna need it.