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January 25th, 2006
Uh oh! Shadow scared! I believe he should start running now!
January 19th, 2006
Yeah, now Fox is back on Drunk Duck and still dissing sprite l337!
Let's take a good look at Sewageman and figure out why Axl keeps thinking he can't swim.
Yeah, well, I'm still keeping this up just incase Drunk Duck slips into a coma for another month and a half.
Wouldn't you say so?
Yeah, it's not really poetic. But you at least see why Rock uses something like Astro Smash to destroy him.
The worst that can happen other than having your eardrums blown out of you from a screaming navigator is get clobbered by her textbox. Goes to show that anything can be used as a weapon, even if you can't see it.
Yes, Douglas. Please spare us the agony of unwanted traps. We don't really need them at the moment....
Rule # 1 in navigation: Always check the area BEFORE giving out information that could be useful.
Well, everything has its ups and downs....
Axl's day just keeps getting worse and worse. What's going to make him feel better other than Douglas' bad reassurance?
Douglas is the engineer for MMX 5 and 6
Never take advice from someone who thinks he knows what's you should do only to realize his mistake after you've commited that action.
Eew! That's just wrong!
Don't you just hate it when you try to ask for help and it escelates into an arguement between your comrades in arms?
Poor Zero. As if being made fun of by his appearance was bad enough....
Ah, yes. Nothing says "PWNED" like wailing on Bilbo Baggins with a cricket bat.
And there goes two not so important characters.