I'm a super nerd of video games, books, manga, Marvel and DC comics, anime, knitting, Dungeons & Dragons, computer games, board games, fantasy and science fiction, writing, happiness, love, and chocolate.

I write hot gay stuff! I'll have a link to the site soon.
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bwaaaah <3
Gorgeous! ^_^ Happy celebrations to you all!
"Tear shaped frustration"

June 21st, 2017
Cutest poof ever <3 <3 <3
Pfffft XD Good answer.
-terrified squeaks-
June 9th, 2017
..... not gonna lie, I've ended a date with an awkward high five before.......
Bailey IS a loaf of bread.
@Lucid: thank you for banning them. Did not need that...
Yay, another demi! ^_^
And of course she's right, Gannet. Renee is always right.
(for those who don't know, demisexuality is under the asexual umbrella where the individual only feels sexual attraction after establishing an emotional bond.)
I'm also demi and this is really cool to read! I've been thinking Bailey might be for a while.
Gosh, she's so cute ^_^
@Hoagie: Whenever I smoke or have edibles, there has never been horniness involved. Though I do get cuddly, but I think that's more because everything is super soft and amazing and my heart feels happy and full of love (anything but sexual love). Also, totally Doritos time. I once ate an entire family size bag of cool ranch Doritos in one sitting thanks to pot. I LITERALLY COULD NOT STOP, THERE WAS NO OFF BUTTON FOR MY "FILL BELLY" MODE.

Not sure if that's everyone's experience, though.
Beautiful lighting! *//o//*
He was cockblocked, so he just HAD to go pussyblock someone else. -throws up hands-
They're going to do something dorky like hold hands, aren't they? X'D
Oh, I'm guessing this is before the BIG breakup?
*u* Stucky date = best couple costume. (sorry Gannet, Bailey...)
omg thesE NeRDS
Perfect costume for him, too.