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I love reading manga and watching anime.
My favorites are Naruto and Me & My Brothers. I'm not a great artist, but I try and I'm usually happy with my results. I am a co-author for JackCRACKER which is the best comic on SmackJeeves ever!
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-Goes to add By Dii to title- xDD
That's awesome, Manyan-san, I added it on my Kupika profile. ^ ^
Nya, very nice. ^ ^
Actually no. Just the first panel and second panel were true. Except I figured out he was leaning in to tell me something, not kiss me. xD
Ooh. Never thought about Hee er mee own. Poor her. xD
Thank You
That's true,Kiwily, but yaoi is a prettier word. xD
Thanks Miko. =D
Never drawn yaoi before. I think it's funny. Oh, that's me up there with my mouth wide open. xD
Thank you.
Ba, I don't know if I even qualify for beginner there. xD
It's based on a true story. xDDD
Team Rocket. I haven't watched Pokemon is ages. Oiy, I need to earn some more Kp on Kupika. Because that's where I'm making my comics. I have no other program. xD
Feesh are nummy.
Almost as nummy as Ron's feet. xDDD
Nya Nya
Mhmm! And then I kept beetch slapping Ron...xD
Kawaii. jackerCRACK rawks hard.
Thank you
Thank yous. xD We dropped Ron in the bath tub.
I know
I knows. xD That was funneh.
Harry Porker
Me and ma supah friend Lenna were going on about Harry Porker. So I made a comic about it! Bwaha ha. I know it's not very good, but it was my first try.
Ongz, you're like phychic! Me and Supah Lenaa. xDD
Pretty Man
xD Funneh. I was messing around with my friend last night and got a great idea for a new comic.
No worries
Nah, I'm better at chibis than I am at more serious characters. I think I'll have to draw my share of the art, if I do, on Kupika, upload it onto my desktop, then upload it onto here. xDD I should get a program for Macs...