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@znuff: I did not even notice her until you mentioned it. Looking back, I kind of wonder if maybe she is Charlie's wife/girlfriend or just works for the nurse we see on 202.
Well he seems to be taking this only slightly better than I could have imagined.
Well now he's done it. This won't end well. *grabs bucket of popcorn*
Welcome back!
Cute demon is cute. Also, are his eyes glowing?
He wants the snuggles you fool!
I love everything about this page!! I can't wait for the next chapter.
1. Tennessee
2. Lucifer x Sam (Supernatural) and Lars x Scott (Griefer Belt)
3. Heath Ledger for Kim and Pinkstylist for Kylee even though I know he's not an actor.
"Just close your good eye, kimrick"
I'm going to hell for how much I laughed at that line.
Son of the year right there.
Well damn....that's effective.
He seems rather used to this. Though judging by that little inhale on the previous page it's not his favorite part of the morning.
This is actually really helpful. Thank you :D
Whoa! Note to self, don't make Maria angry.

Btw great work as always. I can't wait for the next update!
Woot! Another update! Such lovely pages. I like seeing this little bit of Mischief. I'm extremely curious to know what it was the bones foretold and how things progress from here on out. Keep up the great work. I'll be waiting for your next update :D
Fantastic work. Congrats on the first year anniversary!! I'm looking forward to more of your comic :D
Omg Mischeif is so badass!! I can't help loving him more by each page despite his actions.
Omg pervy Kae is adorable. And Inori, I swear he's just getting more gorgeous by the page XD
Just when I think they can't get any cute >_<
I swear I'm loving Mischief more and more by the page. His actions and expressions amuse me to no end.