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Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know how things are gonna be from now on! The story will continue, but, with a few format changes along the way. What does this mean? Simple, some chapters will be drawn, and others might be written. This will allow me to continue the story even with lots of work going on.

So, if you want to know how the story continues from this page to the end of CHAPTER TWO, please go here:

You will find a whole chapter retelling the events of this comic and its continuation, chapter two. Following that, chapter 3 might be in comic format again, and also posted here. But for now, for those who were asking where this continue, follow the link and have a read! For new info about comic pages and chapter 3, follow me on twitter.
Someone is rambling a bit too much.

11/07/19: WE ARE BACK!
Two awkward meetings.
Sorry for the wait, we are back!
Run from the past, Ethan!
Hachiko flashbacks.
He says his name every night, but his lover never responds. =(

Also, this page is the public version of another 3 NSFW pages posted on Patreon. =)
@Scorpio730: Your comment made me laugh so much. XD
@Guest: Sexy time.
Ethan had some interesting friends.
@raephium: The narrator here is Ethan. He is talking now about his father.

Also, remember you can support this comic on Patreon and be many ahead + the NSFW extra pages!