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I guess that I'll use the same description that I used for the online dating service I'm on. I'll start with the obvious. I love drawing (DUH!!). When I'm not drawing or working as a Cat Food Taste-tester. I love sports, movies, long walks on the beach, snuggling, I love foreplay, tossing midgets, bar fights, and cross-dressing. I one day hope to live my ultimate dream of being a scriptwriter for the WWE.
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    Joe Gibson
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Here's the latest update. Hope ya' enjoy it.
I apoligize for the lateness of the mid-week update. I had a problem with the scanner. Everything is better now. So, Enjoy the new page. :)
November 29th, 2006
Great to see ya' coming back!!!
Here is the beginning of Chapter Three. Enjoy the cover in all of its covery goodness.

BTW, Happy Turkey Day. And I'll see ya' on Saturday.
J. Gib
In case you haven't seen the post on the news page. Yes, Unfortunate is coming back. I will be adding artwork and sketches of different characters that I'm working on as well as regular HU characters. So just because the comic story won't restart until November. I will have stuff for everyone to see.

Catch ya' later,
J. Gib
Hey all. It's update time. I should be able to go back to 2 updates a week again.(crossing fingers). I hope that everyone up in the Great White North had a great Canada Day. And I hope my fellow Americans have a great Fourth.

I'll be changing the poll by the end of the week. To everyone that voted. I thank you. Looks like the Red Rampager doesn't have a lot of fans. Will he be the one to croak. To those that he already done for, looks can be deceiving.

Also, I'm going to do a few new things on the site. Like a new look, a new forum, and some voting incentives. And yes, the Character Bio page, finally.

See ya' later,
J. Gib

Welcome to the weekend edition of HU. Bask in the warm gentle glow of the new comic.

I'm mostly happy with how the page turned out. But I wish that the last panel would've turn out better.

I'm going to try to do some stuff to attract more readers. I PROMISE YOU THAT ONE OF THOSE THINGS WILL BE A CHARACTER PROFILE PAGE!! I'm also going to try to add a place for non-Smack Jeeves viewers to comment on the comic.

That's all for now. I'll see ya' later this week.
J. Gib
Hey hey. Here's the latest edition. Sorry the updates have been few and far between. On top of my regular problems lately, my computer has been acting up. When it rains, it pours.

I want to thank everyone who voted in the first HU poll. It looks like bloodlust won over hot lesbians.

How odd.

Anyhow. Expect an ugly death soon.

I'll see everyone this weekend.
J. Gib
Hope that everyone had a great weekend. Here's the latest update. I hope that you enjoy it.

This is the last week that you will be able to vote on the first HU Poll. So if you haven't voted yet. Ya' better hurry.

See ya' on Tuesday !!
J. Gib
Hi everyone. Well, here's the latest update. Sorry it was so late. I'm still going through some crap. I'll try to get the next update done on time.
Hi. And welcome to the weekend version of the HU update. Hope everyone enjoys it. The next five to seven pages should be pretty interesting as the action will pick up.

I'll see ya' on Tuesday!!
J. Gib
Hey everyone. Long time, no see. I'm sorry that this update came so late. I'm been going through a lot of financial and emotional problems lately. And it's been getting me down. I'm going to try to get back into updating twice a week again. But I can't promise that I'll be able to do it. It's kind of difficult doing a humor comic while you're bumming out.

See ya' later.
J. Gib
Great page as usual!!
Here's another update. Enjoy!!

Just want to remind everyone about the very first interactive poll at the forum. Go there and vote. You could have an impact on what will happen in the story.

Please vote for HU at online comics and Buzzcomix. And if you really love the comic, leave a comment. Because that would be really cool.

See ya' on Saturday!!,
J. Gib
Thanks, Dai-san!!
Hi everyone. Here's this weekend's update. A couple of things are happening this weekend.

One. A major character is being introduced. (In the story this time, not as a FS pic).

And two. I will be adding a poll on to the forum starting Monday. Not a Who's your favorite character poll. It's too early for that. But a poll that will have a major impact on what's going on in the story. Check it out on Monday.

If you like the comic and are a fan of HU. Please vote for How Unfortunate at buzzcomix and Online Comics. Or leave a message. Which will be appreciated a lot.

See ya' on Tuesday !!,
J. Gib
Here's a rare monday update. I'm trying to speed things up and eventually start updating three times a week. Because I've noticed that things have been pretty dead in here recently. I guess that I have to do a better job at attracting new readers.

Well, anyway. Come back tomorrow for the regularly scheduled Tuesday update.

See ya',
J. Gib
Sorry I posted this comment so late. I hope that everyone had a good Easter. Mine was alright. Hope you enjoyed the pic. This is Brenda, you'll be seeing more of her soon in chapter 2.

Just wanted to let everyone that I'll have an update ready for Monday and Tuesday. So, I'll see ya' tomorrow.

J. Gib
Holy crap!!

Great Work!!