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I love to write, draw, and paint and I love photography. My horses are my world.
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    Alyssa Colette
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omg your comic is the best! And the flower coming out of Gregory's pants is priceless. But where are his wings in the last panel?
i love it. totally :)
what the hell? You wish that was what he was doing don't you? LOL
Love it :)
me as well!
Hawt dayum!
Hawt! I think I want them to do it more than Gannet does ;)
Do you ever use Pinterest for references if you don't know how to draw something?
I laughed way louder than I should have :P
Can't decide who is right in this situation :3
The situation just keeps getting more intense 0-0
Step. Step. Step. Smooch
@sharkbaitsenpai: true dat. Plus in jumping and cross country comps a horse who falls over while being ridden is 90% of the time able to just derp away (usually leaving their rider in a much more tangled state) hahaha. Yeah. So this pony should pop right back up in a second. Probs.
That god damn lady bug again. It's taunting me! Why has nobody mentioned it (;_;)
No one mentioned the lady bug.
Thank you!!! Your comic is awesome! Can't wait for more :)
Forget magic! Andrew to the rescue please!!!
Don't leave us hanging here forever Tammy T-T