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I love to write, draw, and paint and I love photography. My horses are my world.
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    Alyssa Colette
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omg your comic is the best! And the flower coming out of Gregory's pants is priceless. But where are his wings in the last panel?
yay!!! That wasn't so hard now was it?
i love it. totally :)
what the hell? You wish that was what he was doing don't you? LOL
Love it :)
me as well!
be her friend!
pleeeeeeaaaaaase don't say that you can't be friends! ToT
Hawt dayum!
Hawt! I think I want them to do it more than Gannet does ;)
Do you ever use Pinterest for references if you don't know how to draw something?
I laughed way louder than I should have :P
Can't decide who is right in this situation :3
The situation just keeps getting more intense 0-0
Step. Step. Step. Smooch
Happy birthday girly! Always nice to see Reece and Will <3
@sharkbaitsenpai: true dat. Plus in jumping and cross country comps a horse who falls over while being ridden is 90% of the time able to just derp away (usually leaving their rider in a much more tangled state) hahaha. Yeah. So this pony should pop right back up in a second. Probs.
That god damn lady bug again. It's taunting me! Why has nobody mentioned it (;_;)