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Hi hi! I'm Juniper, but you can call me June. I'm currently taking art classes, and have quite a few hobbies. Some which include eating, drawing, sleeping, reading, and cosplaying (although it's usually wishing I had the time and effort to cosplay anything/everything on my list..). So as you can see, I'm not that interesting of a person! But feel free to say hi anyway!

Oh! And I like cats. ^w^
I keep forgetting to say so, but the way you draw hands is absolutely lovely!!! <3
Kinda looks like an album :D
I can't remember their uniform colors, so I keep imagining it being pink and white like from Girls of the Wilds' [since it looks good on everyone lol]
Oh, so the turtle on Dylan's shirt was saying "sigh" lol I was wondering~
I really love how you did the second panel; showing the empty chair to subtly say Alf left was really creative!
I smell a foreboding...
Dylan's hair [ahoge???] forms a heart!! = w =
Ladies and gentlemen, the most Alf has ever talked. [this is beautiful, by the way, and I vow to stick with reading this till the end! I'll probably re-read it countless times as well.. haha~] :3c

Also, did Joa's shirt get partially sewn up? lol the fray is still there, tho :v
lol do those mini flyers on the table say "PARDI"?
IDK why but I just find that big bottom panel so hilarious.. There's just this Joa-colored mist yelling to bring his stuff lmao.
The way you draw them in chibi form changes every time and I honestly love how they look no matter what [each one is so cute omg]!!
Thank you for the actual rabbit tail and not that weird powder puff thing *sweat emojis*
Angie: "He hasn't done anything for 10 minutes."
Me: Is.. Is that not normal..

lol I'm always spacing out for at least 5-10 minutes when it comes to class-related things.
Dylan: *sweat emoji x 6*
This has got to be my third time through this comic and I'm still absolutely head-over-heels for how you have them show body language. These characters are all so real to me [and trust me, I don't say that very often!]!!
Thank you for creating this [also the story writing is A++++++~]!! <3
If I shipped them this scene would be really gay *wink wonk* > u0
lol Dylan's shirt is just a blank polaroid
I am having the biggest giggle fit right now omg