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Hi hi! I'm Junipurrr, but you can call me Juni. I'm currently taking art classes, and have quite a few hobbies. Some which include eating, drawing, sleeping, reading, and video game playing (mostly on Steam and PS4). So as you can see, I'm not that interesting of a person! But feel free to say hi anyway!

Oh! And I like cats. ;3c
She rolled a Natural 1 on that one
I can't believe this. It finally happened.. I actually read that as "chameleon." SMH
Curious: How many watches do you have, anyway? I think I only have two? lol
Artist OCs always make me wonder.. Do they draw stylized like their creator or is it considered realistic since it's in the same style as the world they live in? 🤔
Ladies and gentlemen....
The moment you've been waiting FOR!
I really like the composition for this page :0
lovin that chiaroscuro
Subtext again
I honestly didn't know what that was, but once I googled it and listened, I woke my whole house up laughing (btw, I knew the song, but not the title lol)..
I ship it.
Y'know.. I was starting to wonder when someone was gonna point out "smoking laws" or whatever.
Subtext lol
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!
Love that movie.
I keep forgetting to say so, but the way you draw hands is absolutely lovely!!! <3
Kinda looks like an album :D
I can't remember their uniform colors, so I keep imagining it being pink and white like from Girls of the Wilds' [since it looks good on everyone lol]
I am having the biggest giggle fit right now omg
!!! His peen isn't freckled! >:0
I love your panel layouts <3
lol tsundere Gannet