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I am a soon-to-be manga artist! i love all types of things, and as for comics, i really don't care what type of genre it is, as long as it's good.
I'm very blunt, and down to earth, and i guess as long as there is something that is able to hold my attention for more then 15 minutes, then it must be good.
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New Update!
Alright! another update! Awesome-sauce!
I feel kinda bad for that kid, but i feel even worse for Korey for having to deal with him for 9 seconds. :P
Some scene kids are pretty annoying (the ones where i live anyway <.<), and i have to agree with Janet. Who would want to go out with a guy that jumps from one chick to the next, AND also looks better in skinny jeans then they do? xD
I kinda liked the art style. It was weird. ._O
But i prefer ur old style. It's something different, opposed to the whole "Manga" style that seems to be populating the way people draw comics.
Anyway, i'm rambling. I actually liked ur april fools joke! At first i was like.. "What the hell..? Ziggy, what is this?"
Now, i know the truth.U are evil and u know it! and for that i respect u. xD
Goodness, how ironic it is that out of the 4 people who commented, two out of the 4 hate both bands? Or that they go in a pattern? Love, hate, love, hate. hmm.
well, i like linkin park, but i hate green day xD
Welcome back Ziggy! and, as for ur update, i can only say that i agree with kyle 100%.
"How the fuck do you start fucking right after you confess?"
That is a very good question :P
I cannot believe i found SCSC! i've been a fan of ur comic since the very begining! oh god.. how i have missed it...