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I love sequential art, storytelling and photography, and everything gay XD. So I put it all together to make this comic. Hopefully I'll manage to accommodate both work and comic, and publish plages within schedule.
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    S. Matsuki
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@pony peanuts: XD I agree~
@Onyx: Haha, definitely~
@Onyx: o_o what do you think they are suggesting?
Takeru + Kieran = NO >o<
@Onyx: Internet problems are the worst. I'm so dependent on the internet that if it dies I cry lol. Glad to hear you have everything sorter.

These two are quite funny. They are so different but don't think they could be without each other.
Rude! lol
You can always do the totally not effective Japanese style censor strip XD Surely it would be enough for SJ.

I do know of artists who had their stuff deleted cos of it. Be careful~

Lovely peen if I maybe say so XD
Hayaki does not want Kieran to be knocking on his door, for sure~

PS. Caught up with updates! Yay!
No heart attack, just a very messy hair~
Apologies! I decided to catch up with Naruto and lost track of time. Holidays does that to you! I've finished it so now I'm back >o<

More updates later today. Now I need to dash to work!
@Onyx: lol!
@SteamWitch: XD Yeeeahhh... he doesn't like being startled either, freaks him out.
@Prynzen: Haha something like that.
Hayaki is easily startled. >o<
I was away on Sunday for work. Back now... so one update today, one tomorrow~
@SteamWitch: Haha, thank you <3
@SteamWitch: They are good for everything~
@summerstorm: Haha... you're right again! I'm a massive PoT fan. I have stuff all over my house, so, of course, one of my characters must also love it!