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I'm a writer, and as much as I wish it was, art isn't one of my talents. Come up with an intricate plot, sure, but draw a few panels... no way.

I'm into vampires and all that fun gothy stuff, I <3 anime and manga, and I hope to be a published and well-known novelist some day.

I work the night shift, but I try to stay caught up, and I've found that it's easy to keep tacking things onto my Faves list. @_@

If you ever want someone who can help you with plot-related things, chat me up. I'm always open to talking with writers in all areas and levels of experience.

Ja ne!

If you ever want to see a sample of my writing, there're two places to check: ~~>my FictionPress account ~~>my writing blurb livejournal
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Eep and forsooth, Batman! What's going on?!?!?!?!?!
SQUEE!!! Neko ears!!!!
Update? Pweeze? How can you stop when the play's about to start?! *cries* We miss you, Kurasune-sama! Come back soon!
That must be one helluva lot of schoolwork...
If I had Val and Cyrus freaking at me like that, I definitely wouldn't be taking it so lightly and chillaxing like Priest-Boy over there. It's awesome to see the similarities between Val and Cyrus. I honestly initially thought that Cyrus was Valentine's brother, albeit one who was on the other side of things.
Rock on! <3!
OMG!!! The next button broke!!!

Also, love the way you showed how freakishly tall Val is, yet again. Also, I wouldn't have pegged Cyrus as old enough to be Val's father. But, maybe he just ages well. XD

You rock, love. For serious. *two thumbs up*
Ho-sh*t!!! Mmkay... You've officially succeeded in making Joey uber-mega-effing-scary.

In that first panel... Joey = teh ultimate hawtness. Also, the ominous feel of the last panel kicks it hard!
Mathew AND Leonest in color? SQUEE! You rock, hun. You rock out loud. XD
We finally get to see Kole fight! YESSSH!!!! Get her, grrl! Kick that hussy's tail for messing with your man!

Superb action on this page, I might add. :D
I love how the effect word for her cannon is "DOOM". Genius. ^.^
Panel 3 is amazing in general, but I agree with Kitt... Kole's hands do look stunning in that panel. :D
My only quip with this page would be that you should probably throw a comma in Mat's dialogue in that last panel. It should be "I drink when I kill, Kole." because when I glanced at it I TOTALLY thought he meant he was going to kill her. And I had a momentary freakout. But then I looked at it again and it made more sense. Also... I think it's super cyoot when you draw Mathew with those snakey-vampire eyes. <3!
Mathew in panel number first and last = awesome! Also, I agree that the notes are simply backwards because Mcrain's a bad singer. Makes sense to me!
Wow! You've got a busy schedule. Mine's usually full of work and a metric ton of time in my car since I live 45 minutes away from where I work... >.<;;
OMG!!! Kole's dress is AMAZING! Also, it is super cute that Val's the one with the ice cream. XD
I like the noses! They're different, but I like 'em.
That smiley tone = total pwnage!
I love how Leonest is holding that sandwich all daintily between his claws. Super cyoot! Also... what could Valentine be planning, I wonder?