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; u;
Sorry about that!
Mostly my fault, cause I haven't finished that last page and it's been a really long time..
The semester just ended though, so I have plenty of free time until January to get things started though!

; 3; THANK YOU BF-CHAN FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME. Punch me more often though, make me work! I'm too lazy for my own good.
Once again, I'm sorry for taking so long to update this comic. The last page has been half way done for the longest time, but in my procrastination along with other valid and non-valid reasons I have not finished it.

I will try to finish it by the end of this week, since this is my final week of classes before summer break~!YAY. There are some things that should be known if this comic continues (I haven't been in touch with the other author in a while D:):
1. My pages may be drawn in SAI instead of PS since my new tablet agrees with it more and my style is a bit more defined now, but other than that everything else should remain basically the same. I might switch programs every now and then.
2. I have a number of serious projects (although I love this comic and the potential it can have if an actual story was put in place, I do not consider it one of my serious projects), so this comic is almost last on my list right now. I needed something to practice drawing and I have plenty of things now, but since this is the only active comic I have at the moment, it is something I wish to continue to work on. I may start a new comic here in a few weeks as well.
3. I really don't want to think and type anymore. :'D

Thanks so much to all of you 164 fans. c: Please look forward to the new page, but right now I should really go to sleep since I have 2 exams in 7 hours and it takes me a while to fall asleep. ; u;

Thanks again! Your faithful lazy creature, Sai~
:D Love your style, love your stories, and I can't wait to read your next project~! Definitely gonna reread this a number of times, your art makes me so happy and inspires me.

; A; Awwww, Henry and Richard having a sad future in your head.. That makes me sad.
Santa Klaus. Hahaha xD
Thank you~!
Thank you so much for 100+ fans~! Hopefully, I'll have my page up later today.

orz;; Sorry for the lame fan page. My shading skills are horrible. This was actually a random drawing of Sai, but it seemed like it could do the job. I was going to draw something with Shiro and Jae since it seemed people liked them, but I'll draw them next time. I must sleep now, but I promise to get better at my CG skills, I still have a lot to learn about Photoshop and SAI.
Lolz Wtf Hiro. xD And then he wants to get mad when people call him a girl.
:C My messages wouldn't go through on msn. Your connection might not be good.

xD Me and my friend have been scribbling randomness lately, and I think one of the scribbles would make a good fan page since it's of Sai, so I'll pretty it up. I was working on a different one, but I left it alone for a few days, and now I don't like it as much.(I'll fix it up for next time though ;D) FFFF I gotta get the IDs done too. My semester is finally over.
Pushing people can be dangerous.
I'm dead tired, so there's not much I can think of to say. Finally, after some communication I was able to produce these scribbles. Hiro just made some new enemies and he's only been here for 2 pages.

OMG, ALMOST 100 FANS. I'm so happies~
What would you guys like as a thank you page? I'll definitely upgrade these pages from scribbles to clean sketches from now on.

@KeitaUshio: Thanks for all the amazing comments~! I hope you continue to enjoy this comic! C:
xD I said at least try to do your page in a week. PAGE LOOKS SO GOOD~!

Send me pics and info of your new characters when you get the chance so I can make their IDs.

And OH wait, is that my Izzy he mistook for a girl? xD Lol Message me who's who because I have no idea when I'll be home tomorrow.
I had to redraw this page so many times, because Ace (my spaztastic laptop) kept shutting off on me because my old-faithful-beat-up tablet kept disconnecting and malfunctioning my usb ports. Ace would shut off to prevent damage to the computer, at least that's what the blue screen said and of course I never save my progress. So after consoling Ace and convincing him that it was okay and he was just stupid, I finally was able to produce this horrible page full of words.
Sorry, I promise to produce better pages and work on backgrounds... If Ace will allow me to. OMG, I can use a ruler with my tablet?! This just got better. I've typed a lot already, but the new characters should have their IDs up in a bit.
Page magically disappeared so I had to re-upload it...
Ffff can't remember what comment I wrote before, but it was either something stupid, or hilarious. Maybe it was both. HOW LONG WAS THIS GONE?!
EDIT: Yay~! Found out I can fix the order of pages shown in the preview by fixing the date it was posted. This page was originally posted on the 3rd Lol.
Lol you posted as soon as I edited my post. That's skillz!
xD YAY~!
Lol photoshop fights with me all the time.
I'll try and get my page done tomorrow... Hectic week for classes. I blame the dentist. Once I get this paper and 82 math problems left done, I'll be freeeeeeee.
@BF-chan: OMG FFF We need to do more character IDs now. Send me the images and stuff for your guys when you have time.

@sbdrag: xD Lol Your Korean senses were tingling~ 8D Hope you continue to enjoy this comic~!
@enchantma: Thank youuuu~!! xD
@Silver_bubbles: ;D You should have 50 +1 babies with me~! Thank you!
50 is mine!
Lol Sorry about this rushed boring drawing (GREY AND BLUE ALL OVER THE PLACE, WHAT WAS I THINKING!?), but THANKS FOR 50+ FANS!!!
Makes me glad that 50 people like this comic. I really hope you'll continue to enjoy it and we'll do our best to make you all happy!

Imma go take a nap now.. I'm so tired.
I need to start coloring again on photoshop because my color choices and shading skills have completely died Lol.
@DemonicYuuki: C: Glad you like it so far~! We usually update pretty quickly, and once BlackFire gets used to her new tablet we should be back on track!
xD You'll get used to it! Took a bit for me to get it down too~
Looks pretty to me~!!! o 3o especially the colors~
WTF, Doorknobs?!
Who actually pays attention to how they open a door.. NOT I~ Had to stare at my hand for a bit to understand what I was trying to draw in the last panel.
Page was fun, didn't use too much of a thought process, and messed around with Photoshop's brushes a tad bit to kill some white. Figuring out how to use tones on Manga Studio right now. :D

Sei, you're such an instigator sometimes~
@Ziv: Yay~ I'm glad~ and thanks! C:

@BlackFire: Indeed~!
> 3< We should probably try and progress back to Haru and Sei. It would be easier if we thought this out before hand. xD Lulz.
> 3< I know, right~! We'd be able to work so much better!
o Ao
For those of you who can't tell what's happening, Shiro slides down and knees the holy fuck out of Jae while pulling him into it.
Sorry, haven't drawn anything really "action-y" on the computer before and everything looked retarded so I left it as is, but at least I now have something else to learn to do~! Really wish I had a scanner Lulz.

He escapes for now, but Jae's gonna want some payback later on~
Shiro used Bite attack!
It doesn't affect the foe Jae...
Jae uses... some sort of move similar to Mean Look/Block...
Shiro can't escape!

Jae's face is hilarious. o Ao.