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I'm a young artist looking for her place in the world.

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    Nina Bigoloni
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Tom Lucitor belongs to Daron Nefcy (creator of Star vs the forces of evil)
oh no oh no oh no
@someone_else: oh my goodness you're right! Suppose I'll change it to something like "Oh Phoenix..." or something similar ^w^
@kidcthulhu: I've worked on world-building for this story a lot, and it's important to me that the readers to gradually understand it and see what the world is like in an extraspecies' eyes. So thank you! Your comment really means a lot to me!
@someone_else: Guess she was influenced by human slang? "Jesus!" is a pretty common exclamation ^^
@someone_else: I would confirm or deny your assumption, but the theoretical truth on how to teach a harpy to turn human should be revealed in a page in the next few weeks!
@someone_else: This bit was actually a critique to those who insist that "you need to convert to MY religion otherwise you'll go to hell" which is bullshit bc if you're a good person it doesn't matter what religion you're part of
@someone_else: some of us, alas, have coulrophilia and absolutely adore clowns... *cough cough*

but yeah since clowns are also a common phobia it'd make sense to have them in hell :p

Thank you for reading!
oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!
@Ninjacookies: That's nice to hear! When working Ivy and Amber's relationship, I always try to make it as close to the one between me and my own younger sister when we were kids ^^
good job! I can see improvement :D
@Toxicodendron: actually, while the first panel the book is in says "cheese is gay" the next says "u like cheese? u gay"

I just thought it would be a funny easter egg, like the book titles on chapter 3 when Violet is picking up the stuffed toy on the shelf :p
@Toxicodendron: on the back of the book it says "by me" so I guess an author called "me" thinks that cheese is gay... I'm sure glad that "me" isn't me because I love cheese! Though according to the author, who is called "me", liking cheese makes you gay
@Toxicodendron: They're both fun and useful! The church of fsm in my country mainly focuses on pride events and helping the lgbt community, but we also meet up to eat pasta and drink beer as pirates!
this is so exciting!!!!
@kidcthulhu: Hahahaha that's so cool!

I'm a member of my local fsm church and I rly like drawing him ^^
(in fact in my last "patron thank you" note at the end of the previous chapter I drew myself in pirate regalia)
@kidcthulhu: Ohhhh! Good idea....
@kidcthulhu well, most people are focused on the screen and it's a dark room... Which is also why many people can do things in a cinema and get away with it bc others are distracted ^^
Ah! We're finally going to learn something!!!
Ohhhhh, I like the turn this is taking. I love it when stories take time to focus on the characters!