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I'm a young artist looking for her place in the world.

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I know they are, I can see that, but you put effort i the general page
Wow, it's amazing how much your art's improved, and anatomy on these pages must have been hard. Great job!!!!
I rly like this page! It's nice to see when artists don't laze-out and put some effort in elements like backgrounds, strange cloth folds and wood studies ^^
@kidcthulhu: Thank you very much!!!
This is sweet
I'm loving it!!!
I'm really enjoying this, more than I would have expected!

I tried to read it since it was in my own comic's "similar to this comic" list, and I was pleasantly surprised! The colours are light and give it a general positive and simple look, the art gives me this bubbly light feeling and all in all I would define this comic "wholesome"!

I'm absolutely loving the character design, it's simple but not boring at all, I have a feeling that you really portraited the characters fantastically in these 17 pages!!!!

I'm really, really looking forward to the next one now!
@NanaBirb: It's a bunch of books (I'd say maybe 15-20 alone in the valdemar series), the capital is called Haven which is why I thought they might have been related.

I just reached the update point of your comic and I'm really enjoying it!
I'm loving the comic so far, thank you for the content!

Are you familiar with the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey? Sorry just asking because a name or two in the comic are like those in her books and it'd be cool if it wasn't just a coincidence.

I'll add this to my favourites and I'm looking forward to updates!!!
This is a lovely comic! I'm really enjoying it!
@kidcthulhu: Oh my God I just realised I used a female pronoun in my own comic regarding a sex-less character gosh dammit

I think I was influences by my Character design teacher who assumed Ash was female just from the shape of their neck.

Darn it I'll fix it later
@kidcthulhu: I thought of having her say something like that instead of what she expressed in her lines here, but that wouldn't underline the violence of her action. Ash's attempt to attack her was an act of desperation, so she could flee instead of being forced to return to hell. Dolores had no need of destroying an already perished soul like that, especially when Ash was defenseless and unable to move.

I know I'm the one making this, but Ash was kind of my favourite character and I wouldn't say I hold a grudge against Dolores for having destroyed her, but I'm still kinda sad that they won't really appear in the comic anymore (unless maybe I make some extra chapters after Our Name was Maja is complete)
Oh boy

Is she going to make herself some tea with gin?
@kidcthulhu: The next page is by far the one I put more thought into so far, I even had friends give me advice and suggestions on what to put in
Thank you so much!
Yeah uhhhh

Sorry about the short Hiatus.
I thought that with the summer I'd be able to work on Maja more, but it turned out not to be like that :T

Welp, here's page 69!
gosh this is so sad!
@Pooh: Oh my goodness

Hi Grandma