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I'm a young artist looking for her place in the world.

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    Nina Bigoloni
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@kidcthulhu: Thank you so much!

I've learned a lot in art school (especially in this last year) and I'm trying to implement as much as I can of what I learned in my comics ^^
@NuutGirl: Thank you so much <3 I'm all done with convention material, and though I'm not as far as I would've liked to be with storyboards, my story planning is pretty far ahead! Now I'm back to my 3 pages a week!
Back from my month long hiatus!
Oh oh oh! Will we find out more about this misterious person??? I'm excited!
@Vahn K: Thank you very much! Though I believe that in the 59 pages published so far my art has improved and adapted better to the style I was going for!

I'm currently on a small hiatus to work on convention material and storyboards/story for the comic, but I'll be back on the 18th of March!
@Toxicodendron: Thank you so so much <3

I don't know if you saw the news I posted the other day, but this'll be the last page in a while. I'm taking a month long break for the comic both to work on story and storyboards, to work on material to sell at conventions, and to avoid burning out.
I'll keep posting on my facebook page (I can link you to it if you'd like), including various Sunrise sketches I make during breaks!
@Toxicodendron: Turns into half-cat and can turn full cat if he wants to, has (kinda secretly) a taste for birds and mice :p
This is lovely!
Glad to see an update!
I saw the news post about school, and I understand if you can't keep a steady rhythm, that happens to all of us
This is getting so good!!!
I am LOVING this!!! Such great content!
Seems pretty interesting so far! Do you use google sketchup for backgrounds? Will you have more regular updates?
@Toxicodendron: That would be funny, but alas it's the real "Jonathan" (the one Yeong-Hee and Violet meant). Since the story is still beginning, I'm still introducing the characters and can't really skip the chance of introducing someone as major to the plot as Jon :p
@NuutGirl: Marco is actually modelled after my irl boss from my summer job, and I guess that he does "look" sleazy... Though he's incredibly nice and almost fatherly (both the real person to me and the character to Violet). I might actually play with the "boss looks sleazy and I trick the audience into believing he is until it is revealed he actually had the best intentions" gig

Thanks for the idea!
@Toxicodendron: absolutely >:)
@kidcthulhu: Nope, extraspecies are kinda secret, mainly because there are both dangerous fetishists as well as religious fanatics who believe they're satanic beings... That will be explored later on!
@kidcthulhu: you're so kind <3
Sorry I'm a day late, didn't have laptop with me last night
Sorry about the small hiatus! I'm back!
@Toxicodendron: The "a" in front of "conquistare" means that "conquistare" (to conquer) was the goal in the sentence. "fischia il vento" is a song that Italian partisan revolutionaries would sing during the rebellion years against the fascist party in the period between Mussolini's rise to power and world War 2. Here's a link to the song, the actual singing part starts at about 2:57 - HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/E9V71OACKYI

This character (Violet Falchetti) is half Italian and speaks the language fluently, so slips of her singing in her mothertongue or forgetting words in English and saying them in Italian hoping the person she's speaking with understands is something we may see often with her (and being bilingual myself I'm sure I make this bilinguality of hers authentic)