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I'm a young artist looking for her place in the world.

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@kidcthulhu: The next page is by far the one I put more thought into so far, I even had friends give me advice and suggestions on what to put in
Thank you so much!
Yeah uhhhh

Sorry about the short Hiatus.
I thought that with the summer I'd be able to work on Maja more, but it turned out not to be like that :T

Welp, here's page 69!
gosh this is so sad!
@Pooh: Oh my goodness

Hi Grandma
@kidcthulhu: That's the great thing about it
Pillow? Done
Bed? Done
Couch? Done
Nearly anything soft to support you? Done
@kidcthulhu: Well Ash is kinda both and neither, they're mostly a junkless devil clown but it's not that important - the reader's experience in reading the comic is more important, so I leave it to their interpretation! So they're kind of all correct :p
Oh boy! Is this goggles?
I'd *never* say no to that
oh my goodness that bird is beautiful
@HanaYume: Halfway done with next page, should come out in a few days..
I found this comic in the "similar comics" section of my own comic, and I'm glad I did! I really like this!
Wowie berserk inspired chara? (I just reached the hiatus point of that so seeing this - even though I might be wrong - really cheers me up)

she's beautiful
I know right
Though with Dolores "re-dead" she could have attempted an escape
I was nearly disgusted with the way the original page looked, it didn't convey any pathos or feeling at all, so I remade it trying to make it more fitting of the situation
Welcome back G&T!
You'll see later on in the chapter ^^ I found that doing it on paper, scanning it and doing lineart and colours on pc is much faster, so I might be able to bake out pages more often!