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I am a working animator who is also into illustration. I draw from the likes of Chuck Jones and Eric Goldberg for inspiration of my style and mood, while I draw from various sources for stories.
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The ideas are STILL in my head and written on notes, so maybe. :D
That's it! And submitted on Christmas Day, no less! I hope you are all having a great Christmas!

To clarify, their fear of soldiers are real and refer to the redshirts usually sent by the story's main villain.

Jack Magic (C) me
Madame Paisley collects so many kinds of textiles, it's almost obsessive, and because the caravan is her's, the inside is padded with countless seas of drapery and rugs.
That IS Jack keeping Yvette company for the night. And yes, that IS a Jack pillow that he magically materialized.

Another member of the troupe is a blue-skinned man so mysterious, none of the other characters know his name. Like a horse, he prefers to sleep standing up, against a wall or something like it... not very calming to anyone who happens to walk past him.
This one of the pages I had immediately envisioned when I first started this one-shot comic. However, it took way longer than the usual page. Jack was modeled on the personality of a comedian anyway, so it seemed only natural that he'd give a speech before the dinner. He also subtly makes a reference to his own life history too.

Jack Magic (C) me
Madame Paisley's full-body page. We've seen her before in my past pages. She's the founder and backbone of the whole troop of magicians, and is only one of the few original magicians from the golden age, right before the era ended.

Kedgeree is a real dish with Scottish origins dating back to the 18th century, usually used as a breakfast entree.

Jack Magic (C) me
Yes. :)
Here we take a break from the story and show some more chemistry between the main characters.
Intro of Burt, Gunthrie, and the acrobats.

Burt used to be a normal guy with dreams of becoming a magician until a mistake during practice left him with uncontrollable goat transformations. He plays the lute.

Gunthrie is a muscle man dwarf who used to work in the circus, but now serves as Paisley's right-hand man and the leader when she isn't around.

Jack Magic is (C) me
Pere Noel Day 01
First page of the Jack Magic Christmas comic. This comic takes place somewhere in the middle of the canon storyline, so a lot of characters will be seen in action for the first time, but treated like you knew them for a good while now.

I expect this to last about nine pages at the least. I was also gonna wait until I finished the whole thing to upload it, but as usual, I have on patience.
November 20th, 2008
Yep, I'm turning a year older today! :)

Wow, I started AND finished this all in one day (yesterday)??! Well, I didn't really have much ELSE to do. :( I wanted to finish it on my birthday so I could have something to submit then. It really makes me reevaluate my abilities.

That's Philbert's arms and fists in the first panel. I don't know if that's clear enough, especially since we haven't seen him in a while.

If you notice in the last panel, some of the bird houses and characters are standing sideways vertically to the tree trunks. In cartoons, tree animals and their nests or whatever can defy gravity and can open up even more possibilities to get around. That is a very novel idea! Why didn't I think of that before?! Why don't you ever see it anywhere else in any cartoon? It really makes me want to continue the actual comic.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
November 9th, 2008
I have to reserve at least two days of work for each of these pages- with the normal story, I only had to plan out at least one. I will NOT do this again with another story for a long time, as it's pretty intense. I love the results, though, and it makes me learn tips on how to get them through painting.

I have no idea how he tied all those things to his tail, so don't ask. The last squirrel on this page is based on a character in the original 2000 hand-drawn story, only he was a gray squirrel. 'Glad to have him finally appear here, if not for the canonical series.
November 5th, 2008
This is the first of three pages for a new mini-story featuring the characters from Norm & Cory. I had this in mind for an intermission during the main storyline for a while, and now seemed to be the right time to make it, considering it has to do with harvesting and whatnot.

This story will be completely painted, not just drawn.

'Trying to get back into the swing of things! :D
I did want to continue doing the tradition of a Halloween pic, since I have been having fun doing it in the past. I DIDN'T want something I seen before (yes, yes, yes, the pumpkin's stem is phallic- I get it). So here we have them all as zombies, taking off their masks. The Mystery Man in the far back still has his on- it's not that clear.

There is also Burt, who has not been introduced in the story yet, as well as Gunthrie, Madame and Yvette here. Burt's design was one of the many driving reasons why I discontinued the comic as of now, as he was REALLY HARD to pin down. Hopefully, if I continue, you'll get to see him in his normal clothes.

This also marks the first time for me using custom brushes.
December 19th, 2007
TO ALL READERS: Yes, a page is skipped before Page 077. I don't know how that happened, but it basically explains that Leo died of unseen causes. It is implied, by the last panel we see his face, that he did himself in.
December 18th, 2007
TO ALL READERS: Yes, a page is skipped before Page 077. I don't know how that happened, but it basically explains that Leo died of unseen causes. It is implied, by the last panel we see his face, that he did himself in.
December 18th, 2007
Yes, a page is skipped. I don't know how that happened, but it basically explains that Leo died of unseen causes. It is implied, by the last panel we see his face, that he did himself in.
October 21st, 2007
Up until this chapter, I had always drawn Norm & Cory with an actual pen, and scanned in the characters into the computer.

It isn't noticable, but this is the FIRST CHAPTER that is drawn entirely with a Wacom stylus, so it is completely digital! I think it helps with the sudltey of the lines- they're a bit cleaner than what was previously used.
October 21st, 2007
The best way to explain why the squirrels only run half a mile is with a map. The punchline DOES make sense, anyway.
October 21st, 2007
Despite being the actual cause of the red squirrels changing their mind about the birds, Cory is doing nothing here except fooling around. It shows how much control he has over others.