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May do this not sure....any way i could do it without drawin?? if not maybe i can try it out agian tho i havent in ....probably a year :/
Cute <3
Just wanted to drop by and say hi, misses u guys. first time on sj in almost 2 years, crazy huh? I decided tonight to sit and read all this, kinda makes me wanna draw agian. everyones style is wonderful! misses you guys! ~ Kage
hi ya this looks horrible im sry im not as good as u guys but........ya

this is Chrysander he has a brother and i still need to draw him... but im working on that ........
I just noticed u guys started another one and i seen the app closed thing and i almost died!!! .....hi ppls i dun no and hi all old cb authors.....>.>.....everyones such good drawers too....
in I dunno pm bellaluna and ask maybe u can make it less dead in here lol
...i only like the eye >.>...thx...and ya it does but its starting to feel a bit better except i kinda over did it when i was drawing the first pagey-thingy so im probly gonna be a while getting that up...sry >.<
shock huh? i posted something XD....i think ive improved but still thinks it sucks lol so ya im gonna be a little more active on here....a little...but im trying to draw some pages....but its taking me forever >.<
Em: its ok i can wait
Neko: it shall be Kaori's doll >.> i can wait so dun worry
Nara: wow i am sooo happy im done of school but thats not fun either cuz all ive been doing is friggin working T.T
...omg i just started using Mozilla fire fox (my friend calls it mozzarella lol) and while typing this it has a spell check (reason why mozzarella is spelt right >.<)
awww~ its ok it doesnt matter that u missed it...i actually forgot all about that u missed it...>.> u dont need to find it i can live without it....or can i?? lol i can....and omg i love it half naked ace ^ ^ uh....whats he holding?? oh wait is it a flower.....>.<
omg omg omg i missed u *glomps* *cries* i missed ur comics so so happy ur back
OMG yay!!! *dances* well uh i dunno but im liking the half naked men thing ^ ^ surprise me
uhh green? (its natural lmfao XD)
....i guess i dun have that many guesses lol >.<
hmm.*think think* uh is it blonde??? >.<
she is adorable meh i dun like proms either....i was dragged to mine >.< and i cant remember it <.<=>.>
ur welcome ^ ^
DANTE WILL!!! she is so adorable he wont be able to resist her hahaha evil me >.< i dunno if im aloud to do that lol >.< but ya >.>
i dun understand french...
Kioushan- O.O im sry and uh can u kinda keep it to easy to read not jumbled words cuz i have no idea what roboannihilate or lazereybeam are >.< sry first language is not english

and im not a a MAN...well kinda almost....on the 5th!
omg she is cute :3 so adorable....she looks so huggable ^ ^