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I'm so sorry this strip is late.

I've been really busy this past week, I don't have time to reply to anything right now but hopefully this evening I'll be able to (and maybe get another strip colored)

I swear, I started posting this after sketching a month's worth of updates, coloring and typesetting or writing in the dialogue takes me awhile and I forget that every single time. Eventually I'll get the hang of things (Promise) I'm just a little slow on the uptake right now.
I think that is the biggest 7 year old I have ever seen. O_O
Not a full strip today, but hey, IT'S ALL COLORED! So yay? Right? Right??? (It's also super late)

My brother was sick over the weekend and it reminded me of how I usually react to colds and such... I basically take a lot of vitamin C, drink lots of fluids, and sleep. My brother however, shouts into his mic for whatever game he's playing onlinie with friends.

Because who needs sleep when you have the internet?
I'm late on uploading today. (I'm so sorry)
Poor Tobi. ;^;
@MrCircusPapa: Of course you can draw her, I'd love to see it. *^* I'm glad you think she's cute! ^_^
I really like this so far. *^*
I messed around with colors last night, and figured out something fast that doesn't frustrate me, so for the time being, instead of black and white, strips will look like this.
I wanted to get some actual comics up today...

This one was colored with markers, before I got around to making the cover. After this one most of these will be in black and white, mainly because I hate coloring and don't want to spend twice the amount of time coloring than it takes to sketch and outline things.
I haven't been on this site in ages. Whoops. Time to finally actually post something.
October 14th, 2014
I really hope he tells her!
This is a beautiful page!
I love your art style!
September 15th, 2014
I really liked this!
September 15th, 2014
I really like this so far! I can hardly wait for chapter 2 to start! ^.^