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Nervous human that likes to draw.

I've been drawing since I was young, and it's one of my favorite things to do! I'm very shy and not very friendly right off the bat, so I don't comment often, if I do it means I honestly mean what I have to say.

I love dogs, and playing video game occasionally (My favorites are visual novels)
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I decided that every 6 months I'll add a new cover and say it's a separate chapter. I'm also going to try and do an actual "plot" or something that resembles a plot.

I'll try and upload again soon, but I'm out of state.... (I have no scanner, but I did bring my art computer so I should be able to try and make something.) I also didn't bring a sketchbook (literally, art computer and pencils, nothing else to actually draw on. oops. I'll think it out better next time)
This is an old strip (a couple months old) I just hadn’t colored it. By the time I drew it the previous 2 strips I had done were both dog centered and I thought I should vary things a bit more... although now I could probably center the comic around Lacey with all the weird things she does. I’m going to try and update a lot over the next couple weeks, because I have another project I really want to start posting (because it’s been putore or less on the back burner lately, mostly due to life not slowing down and trying to keep this comic updated. Whoops) anyway... coloring woth markers is faster, but it requires working markers constantly and some of mine are starting to run dry from the other things I color. I may try and do water color for a couple strips soon and see how that goes.
.... Hime likes to think she can speak Spanish... and she really can't... She's also not aware it's impolite to speak to someone in a language they don't know, and have told you they don't speak before...

And before anyone points it out, yes, I know all of the Spanish here is horribly misspelled. That's on purpose.

I don't actually speak Spanish, but I know it's supposed to be more like: "Hola! Como estas?" and "Porque?" (with different grammar I don't know how to type on my computer so please forgive me for that.... I also probably spelled something wrong there...)
I meant to update while working, but I really haven't had time (work ended after a week, and it's been 2, I was super busy last week too.)

I'm really tired, and fairly stressed lately.

I'm starting to think this comic won't ever update on a regular schedule and I honestly find that upsetting...
4th strip of the week!

And it's actually colored well! ....Huh...?

I wanted to spend a little more time on this one because I'm pretty sure I won't have time to update next week. (I have work. I think I have work? I know that doesn't sound reassuring... I find out my hours tomorrow) I'll try and make sure I have another update ready by the 21st. Unless I don't have many hours then I'll be able to post sometime over the week.

I really wanna avoid month long breaks again... Not sure I'll succeed since life likes to be full of surprises but I'll give it my best shot.
Aww. Poor Batman doesn't get to have a Bat Cave anymore. ;^; I hope he learns how to use the washer fast.
The rain effect looks so cool. *^*
Quick!Chase after her and ask what time she's free in 10 years!!!
@AltCat: Hmmmm. That would explain a lot actually! ^_^That's a good theory!
@AltCat: Stringy foods.... Like spaghetti??? And I feel like a beard of vomit would just make people leave me alone... Would kinda be a win if it weren't for the smell. XD
I'm seriously trying to make up for some lost time here...

I'm really sorry.

I swear this was the first weekend I had downtime in a month.
I'm back!!!
I'm so sorry it's been like 2 months since I've updated hasn't it???

I've been really busy trying to get my life together. (I had a job interview recently! Whoo!!) But as a result I haven't been able to work on comics as much as I'd like to. I'm going to try and make more time in the week where I CAN actually work on comics, but it's been difficult lately and it doesn't look like I'll actually have more time anytime soon. (Unless I start drawing on the bus, or draw while hanging out with friends, which honestly both of those are harder to do than I usually think they are)

Anywayyy. I do still have quite a bit of a backlog. (I think I have like 1oish strips for this I haven't colored yet) So I may occasionally start posting sketched pages and revisiting them later when I have time to actually color them.
Lacey does this thing where she’ll eat her foot instead of my hand... She has toys, 6 of them I think... I don’t mnow, I barely slept last night.
Sorry about mussing Monday’s update!

I’ve been busy this week...

Anyway... I’ve been getting lots if questions about why I got another puppy so soon, and this is basically an explanation. I didn’t sleep well for a few days before Tobi died, and then after he died I got maybe 2 hours of sleep a night before I got Lacey (my current dog) and the day I got her I could finally sleep. I think I slept for the majority if like 3 days.
I'm really enjoying this comic so far. *^* Your art is really cute!
Ha! I finished editing 2 strips in one day!

....Despite one needing some slight editing I'll get to later... Maybe...

Don't you hate it when people talk to you on the bus like they know you?
This was drawn the same day the previous one was.

Not sure exactly what I meant to comment on here. Maybe that despite everyone's best efforts, it's hard to actually listen to what a mental healthcare professional says?

I feel like this one and the previous one aren't really all that funny. (whoops)
Sorry About the Short Hiatus
I haven't uploaded in like 3 weeks, and I would like to apologize for that. This strip was originally drawn when I needed to vent after a really hard day sometime toward the end of January, and now it's the first post after a break (Not planned, I swear. I'd rather give you guys something funny.)

So.... The reason for my sudden break and drop off the internet is my dog Tobi got sick for the first time in his life. I thought it was a UTI and took him to the vet as soon as I could, only to find out it wasn't a UTI, and that he was dying. I had to put him down on the 13th, and I've been too upset to draw. I finally started again around Monday.

Again, very sorry about the sudden break, it wasn't planned but I was really doing terribly most of this month and have finally started getting back into the swing of things, and hopefully another surprise hiatus won't happen again.
@Tiikupkawaii: I'm glad, thank you! I'm terrified of phone calls. >_<;;;
@Killsoty: That sounds like a fantastic way for people to guess your age correctly (or at least get closer to it) Unfortunately for Ame, she can't grow a beard. Maybe a fake beard would help her out a bit though.