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dislikes:haters,annoying people

hobbies:video games(duh),comics,kirby :3
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September 24th, 2009
Marshtomps = epic win against Wattson
@ bob the hedghogy echidna
I know its a ninja kirby, its supposed to be like a ninja transformation thing.
I wont be able to update for a while, my paint program's screwing up.
hmmmm, maybe ill do that.
someone give me an idea for a comic! I cant think of anything..
im gonna try to update more since im on summer vacation.
that waddle dee gets crazier and crazier.
As you can see, I have walking and running sprites now.Give credit if used^^
not yet.theyre still under construction. are my sprites^.^give credit if used.
this looks like the back of "a series of unfortunate events books".was this based on it?
this just came to me.
thank you ^^
I hope you like it.give me your honest opinion.and i found out how to put in a background^^
this made me lol ^^i will save meta!hey a quarter!
can you tell me how to put in backgrounds with sprites and not get a white space around the charactor?please.
will that waddle dee be a regular in your comics?
nice intro meta^_^
never mind, i found out how