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Beginning of the End?
Man, am I going to miss checking this comic for updates a few times a week! I'm so glad you took the enormous time and effort to bring us this awesome story. It still remains one of my top 3 favorite comics, ever. I'm honestly glad that you see the right time to put it down, instead of dragging it like a dead horse. Too many great things have been ruined that way, and I'm glad you're not forcing it. I can't say I'm not disappointed, but don't be sorry. You really can't force things like this, and you've done an incredible amount of work to build this! Again, I can't thank you enough for sharing this story with us! If you ever feel compelled to print it (legal issues pertaining), my wallet is waiting! I can't wait to see how it ends!
It's always a pleasure to see this comic updated! Zager really isn't doing himself any favors, is he? But I'm loving Pluto's character arc. Can't wait to see him return... And to see how Cinnabar Island and Mewtwo ties into all this!
I'm so glad you found the drive to continue this comic! It's been my absolute favorite for years. Congratulations on finishing your university project, too!
Uh oh!
He doesn't look happy!
It always make my day when this comic updates! I absolutely love the way you give each character the depth they deserve. I've been following There Will Always Be Dragons, and I've really been enjoying it. But I'll always come and check back on this comic, hoping for an update :D
Thank you!
Life always changes, and our motivations do with it. Everybody needs a change of pace sometimes. I'd hate for you to just push through a comic when you don't have the heart to put into it at the moment.

I just want to say that It's A Hard Life has been and is my favorite comic ever, and I say that not because it's the best or the most well written, etc. But because I enjoyed it more than any other comic I've ever read. It's been such a great experience getting to follow the updates and see the characters and story develop. I'm honored I got to be a part of it, and I'm so grateful that you shared this wonderful story with us.

I'll be looking forward to whatever you do in the future, and I'll hope that someday this comic calls you back to continue it. Until then, good luck, and I'm eager to see what else you're working on, and I'll always keep this page bookmarked!

P.S. I'd still buy the heck out of a printed version of this, even if the story ended here with Robin in prison and the team living ever after in the Safari Zone.
Yay, another update! I was pretty worried about Kato there, for a moment, but it's good to see he'll be okay. Still feel really bad for him though. It's good to finally see all of them get some rest for once. Especially after the roller coaster that was the last few updates...
The Anticipation!
The anticipation is killing me! Congratulations on 500, too! Been checking nearly every day to see if this fantastic comic has updated. Try not to feel rushed though. If it takes a year to update I'll still be happy it did. A lot of people on here seem to just have entitlement problems... Keep up the awesome work, and good luck on finals!
Hah! Love Cogito's face on the second panel. Always makes my day when this comic updates.
Wow, really love the cover page for this chapter. Just goes to show how far you've gone since this comic began! Pretty interesting take on Giovanni and Silph. Doesn't seem like he knows of Giovanni's underground business. Seems like Giovanni may already have a plan for that master ball, too... I think this is going to be a very interesting chapter.
@noclichehere: Cogito was put back in her ball on page 45, so I think it's safe to assume Robin still has her.
Been hopping on here almost every day to check for updates! I absolutely love this comic. Easily one of my favorite webcomics, if not the best one I've ever read. It's just brilliant. The amount of emotion you've put into the world and the seriousness and sadness that world entails. Can't really say enough good things about it, other than thanks so much for sharing such a great story with us!