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Don't tell mom, don't tell dad, sure as hell don't tell my BROTHER.

How about we don't tell anyone about this.
stuff that happened within 24 hours

my mom and dad had a fight

my brother called the police for said fight ((what?????? are you doing????))

brother went over to friend's house to avoid mom

mom cried

mom really cried

asthma attack at yours truly

next day

bro comes home, insults mom once more (indirectly, of course)

bro goes to library

mom cries again

she goes to sleep

I go to sleep

mum leaves, (I know where she is and I don't like it)

bro comes back, announces that he's going to stay at a friend's for awhile (blunt: he ran away from home)

I cry

a lot

Dad comes home, tries to find out where bro is, gets insulted for trying to call bro's friend's mom bc he wanted to know where his son was (it's one of the only times where he actually shows he cares like wtf m'am.)

now I'm crying again nice
I really hate to be force friends with someone, but I had to do it for her. Now though hAaha no more passive aggressive shit
I feel sorry for my family to have to put up with me.

Not so much my mama, because I know how she feels about me (and it's unconditional love. I'm sad my past self couldn't really see that......) but I'm sure my brother is sick of me

I don't know why

I'm probably overthinking things

But I doubt I have a better relationship with him than my mama

I think he thinks I'm no good

I don't know why but I do

I'm sorry I'm really am probably overthinking it

But I do feel unloved by him

What do I do
despite the picture announcing D⭐️T is going to be on an indefinite hiatus, it's actually a good thing!

The reason for the hiatus is mostly because I'm just??? So blergh with the current chapter, like, what was going in my mind?? Pride's Intermission was WAY better written in terms for character placement, but that was also rushed!! I just really don't like how this is turning out. It's so different from what I wanted it to be and I kind of want to slap my past self for rushing this TOO MUCH.

See, the thing I'm so proud of this is because I still love this after having these characters and somewhat story for FOUR YEARS!!!!!!!! It's the longest period of time where I don't forget these oc's. I want to give credit to my past self and my current self to bring all of the life out of this and have it become something worth while!! But while I was making chapter three, I was getting sick of it! I didn't want to continue it! I don't want that!

So I'm going to take a break and rewrite the story, /again/. Because the pace is too fast for my liking and I want to get my characterization RIGHT. I'm not dropping the story, god, no. But I am going to look it over and fix some pages and maybe make a new title. I feel like such a weeb for naming it Daemon Tricks like nO.

I also don't want it to be like EVERYONE ELSE'S Story, because a lot of people like demons!

In the mean time, I'm going to start making new pages and maybe give you guys some sneak peeks, but I'm also gonna write up some character profiles. And when I'm ready to do this again, you guys are the first ones to hear.

Thank you for supporting me and this comic for such a long time (because whOA if I continued like this, this could've been a year old w the rate I was going w the pages) and I'm sorry to give you this news. But I'm gonna get better!! For both our sakes.

(hot damn)
double update!
okay sorry for being late but I was at an Asian party

Asian parties are crazy man
I'm in a hotel! I'm sufferin
tfw you find a good BL mangaka
Is it bad that I get all the references
double update!
and there is the reference
I got my final test scores that I was pretty confident on back. AND IM NIT HAPPY


I love those guys to bits, but I can't STAND how they procrastinate. In fact, during the exam week, they wanted to play games and go out and I'm like BRUH

he, yeah, you'll "devour him".

ahhhhhhhh wink.
I A M I N L O V e lI V E H E LL

Just wrapped this up, so look forward to double updates next week!
Happy early birthday!! I hope it's great
Hey it's not love unless you laugh during sex
I can't with these two. I just cAN T