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Well, umm... You see, stuff happened.
@Siren: He's not always the best with words.
Time to see what the computers can tell us.
Sorry for the no update last week and thank you for being patient!
@Huntik13: That's Cin-Tin, and he's actually not Rahnye. But I made a handy little info chart with all the new characters that can be checked here: (Unfortunately the image was too wide to upload into Smackjeeves.)
Maybe it's not so bad?
@Huntik13: Thank you! They really were cuties when they were younger. C:
@lazy-lil-king: Hehe, that's good to hear!
@IronDog: Hope is always good!
He's not here.
Oh no...
For anyone wanting to keep up with the new characters: Xiunhu, aka Xu, is the one with the horns and the one with pink hair is Rhilee (sometimes known as Rhee).
@Siren: So close... but still so far. (But I'm slowly getting to the important stuff, finally!)

Ores is a male, and Keld males tend to be much smaller than females. I've been meaning to update the cast info to add pronouns but in the meantime there's the anniversary info dump which has the genders listed:
Yes, we'll continue this discussion.... Later.
@Huntik13: She is, but it's not easy to tell because they are aliens, so it's okay!
Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all will have a great year!
@Huntik13: They're not brothers but that was a pretty close guess!
The holidays are a very busy time for me, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to update next Monday since it's Christmas Day. I'll try my best to get the page done in time but I can't make any promises!
Wrapping your jacket around your waist is cool. Don't listen to people who say otherwise.
@Huntik13: (Spoiler alert: The surprise is not cake.) Thanks! I'm happy that Erhe and Harha made a good impression already!