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@Huntik13: Yeah, it's been awhile! Feels like ages since I last got to draw them. :D
Time to see what these guys have been doing.
Thank you for being patient! It's time for the next chapter!
@Huntik13: Hihi, thanks! They're all a bunch of cuties in reality. :D
@curious anonymous: Maybe... You'll just have to wait and see what the plot reveals. C:
@Jidaelle: Good to know that it's been useful!
@Jidaelle: Thank you! :)
@count the stars: That's okay! There seems to have been some confusion among readers, which is why I made this handy chart. :D
Part 4! That's it! I hope you all enjoyed this little extra!

I'll see you next week when I'll be starting the new chapter!
Part 2! About food! I'm sure that's interesting...
I've been drawing the comic for three years now, so I wanted to do something special to celebrate. So, here goes Part 1!
@Siren: He has a hunch that it might be but he doesn't know for sure.
That's it for Chapter 5! Thank you all so much for reading! Your support has been amazing! <3

The next chapter will not start next week but I'll post a little bonus and start chapter 6 two weeks from now.
@Huntik13: The day was rough for him too. :(
And the tears start coming and they won't stop coming...
Whooosh, time to go!
@Leonessa: Thank you very much! Oooh, you have an interesting theory. Indeed, we shall see if it's true or not... :)
@Siren: A lone hero needs no backup! Or at least won't admit that he needs it...
@Huntik13: Going after them alone would be incredibly unwise and foolish. So, of course that's what he's planning.