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Thank you all for being so patient with the unexpected lack of update last week! I lost my phone and with it my only source of internet, but I got my phone back so yay for that!
@NuutGirl: They're gonna... VOGUE. (Not really, that would be more Angie's thing.)
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues~
@Huntik13: Yup! She's just tall and buff.
@Siren: The skill comes in handy on many situations! (Plus, the red head finds her awkward bluntness mostly just hilarious.)
Sweet dreams are made of this...
@Siren: Oh no, it is not wrong at all! Awkward conversation is her specialty. :D

Thank you! It takes some time to do the embroidery but I'm glad to hear it's worth it!
So sorry for the delay! I got my days a bit mixed up. u_u;
@WandaWalker: That is the absolute truth.
@Hiisi: Thank you! I had a great time and now I'm back and excited to work on the comic again!
Hey, I'm back! And so is this character!!!
Hey, I'm taking a small summer vacation, so there won't be an update next week. I'll be back with a new page after that though. See you then!
It's party time!
@Siren: It is! Especially in a situation when two people have learned their communication skills in very different environments.
@hiisi: Thank you so much! I like working on this comic (even if life gets busy) but it's made even better knowing readers appreciate it too! :)
@NuutGirl: Thank you! :)
I am super sleepy and couldn't quite finish the page, but I'll do it in the morning and update the final version then! There's no content missing, mostly details and polish, so no worries there. :)

//And done!
Phew, almost didn't have enough time to finish the page because of a busy day but here it is! And now, I shall fall asleep instantly.
Look who it is!
@hiisi: It's in many ways like a regular school except with more physical training. Most students end up in a desk job rather than on the field, but they do have a choice to go for a more intense military training if they want to. The ones who want to rise up in the ranks fast usually go for that one.