Good thing he had the helmet!
@dragonschylde: Aww! Now you can finally relax. :D
@Siren: Yeah, he's a tough one. :)

Indeed, that was one of the things he was wondering about. (Especially since he's not really used to being flirted with.)
Rise, you brave little toaster!
@Siren: Ah yes, if only there was an easy way to track them...
@Huntik13: Yeah, they certainly won't be happy when they get back.
@dragonschylde: There there... Good news is things can't get any worse!
@Huntik13 and @Siren: It could be a bomb or it could be gas. The answer will be revealed in... about 3 hours. :D
@dragonschylde: I can't spoil what's going to happen. You just have to wait and see... :)
@Paris: His face will be revealed later in the comic.
@Siren: Thank you so so much! <3 I don't have the words to describe how much your comments have delighted me!

Roara is not straight, so you are right about that. (I'm also introducing a few other queer girls quite soon, because there can never be too many queer girls.)
I'm super sleepy but I managed to update today, yay!
Hey, just a quick note that I have a busy week ahead of me, so the next update might be late. I'll try to update on time but if I can't I'll update as soon as possible.
@tamagochi: It's normal. The ass is there to be looked at. :D
I was so tempted to use Batman sound effects... POW!
@Huntik13: A very good observation! :)
@tamagochi: Support both! That way you're supporting the winner no matter what happens! :D
Thank you all for your patience! \o/
@Magnolia98: Thank you! I had a great week and now I'm back and excited to work on the next pages!