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Time to meet the roommate!
@Siren: Thank you! That means a lot to me! I know travelling panels can be a bit boring, so I try my best to keep them interesting to look at. :)
@LordOfPandemonium21: Thank you! I'm really enjoying finally getting to draw him with expressions after years just drawing the mask. :D
@IconicAnemone: They are, aren't they!
Uuu, a computer!
@Huntik13: Thank you! :)
I thought today was Sunday until a few hours ago and I had to panic finish this page. Oops.
@Siren: She does appear on my tumblr, yes! Though, normally when I draw her she's her usual 2 meters of muscle instead of this baby-faced beanpole she was as a teen. :D
@NuutGirl: Thank you so much! C:
I really, really wanted to do an April Fool's joke this year because it's today but I couldn't think of anything funny. :(
First time in space!
Here we go, towards new adventures!
@Siren: The juxtaposition of these moments is quite intentional. Poor girl just really needs his brother to not keep going away.
Train, train, take us away. Take us away, far away~
This scene seems familiar...
Here we go, chapter 8 is on! Thank you for your patience!
I'm really sorry but I didn't have enough time to finish the first page, so it's just the cover page this week! This chapter has got me very excited, so I'll be sure to start posting next week. See you then!
@NuutGirl: Thank you! I will, though I can't wait to start working on the next chapter too, heh! :)
Here's a little bonus for you all! I thought since Valentine's Day is this week that I'd include some relationship related info there.
@Siren: I think everyone is a little embarrased when hungover... Especially a first time drunk like Cane. But embarrased or not, a conversation indeed is needed after all this.