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Thank you all for being so extra patient while I try to deal with unholy amounts of schoolwork which are causing me to update unregularly! u_u
So sorry for the delay! I just had a long day yesterday, so I finished the page this morning.
@Siren: Switching genres in the middle of the story would be quite the twist! Unfortunately I am indeed heading towards the not so sweet part of their story, so slice of life will soon have to go bye bye.
@NuutGirl: It's... something I'm kinda still working on! It's a name of Keld origin but I'm still very shaky on my keldish language worldbuilding, so it probably does have a meaning but like, I'm not that far into getting the language right just yet to say anything concrete. :D
Let's move on... towards the END (of this chapter)!
Just two very happy boys. Oh boy, I wonder what could happen next!
@Siren: Most of them probably paid them no attention since they got so amazingly outstaged by the couple trying to do a running catch... and failing. :D
Kipu did say he wanted to make this evening memorable... (That was Naia's first kiss ever, so haa!)
@Siren: Thank you! I feel so lucky to have readers, who don't mind me occassionally taking a little break. Makes drawing this comic so much more worth it!

And whaaaaat, how could you possibly guess Cane's response. :'D
Thank you so so much for being patient! I'm still busy but now I have enough energy to draw comics and bake pies! Yay!
I hate to do this again so soon, but I'm afraid I won't be updating next week. I'm just too overworked and tired right now, and I don't want to draw the next scene in a hurry. So sorry!
Thank you all for being so patient with the unexpected lack of update last week! I lost my phone and with it my only source of internet, but I got my phone back so yay for that!
@NuutGirl: They're gonna... VOGUE. (Not really, that would be more Angie's thing.)
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues~
@Huntik13: Yup! She's just tall and buff.
@Siren: The skill comes in handy on many situations! (Plus, the red head finds her awkward bluntness mostly just hilarious.)
Sweet dreams are made of this...
@Siren: Oh no, it is not wrong at all! Awkward conversation is her specialty. :D

Thank you! It takes some time to do the embroidery but I'm glad to hear it's worth it!
So sorry for the delay! I got my days a bit mixed up. u_u;
@WandaWalker: That is the absolute truth.