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I'm a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, thought I do like Kirby and NiGHTS too. I LUV anime and manga, especially Azumanga Daioh and Sgt. Frog. I am of the village of sound and some people call me hyper and psychopathic...all those people are dead-_-...LOL jus' kidding^^...only some of them<_< >_>.
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    jus' call me Bri Kaboom!
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He forgot to put on his toes today=p
raise your hand if you "know where tis is goin'"
@Snowy:close enough*gives cookie*. But I'm pretty sure "big-note yourself" means to boast or brag about yourself....I think :?
@Shard:pretty close*gives u half a cookie*
@WolflanDarkwolf:...My apologizes:( I didn't mean to offend anyone.
Who ever an correctly decyfer what Marines saying gets a cookie^-^
Hiding under a rock.It's SO original!:)
oh,sorry then it's somewhere on this page
right here
I made her hair myself^^
I apologize for all the times I didn't update for weeks. Let it be known "F" and "D" are my two least favorite letters!
srry this took so long to update!I jus' started back school
Why,yes,I DO enjoy shooting Sonic!howd'ya guess?
I'm starting high school in a week.Wish me luck!
all the boys sleep naked!did somebody say FAN SERVICE!!!
note:I rated it nc-17 'cause the first panel is as graphic as it'll get in this comic-_-;
Trix doesn't represent a friend of mine.But all the others do.
the sprites are here feel free to use them:)
it don hurt, it's jus' freaky deaky....O.O <_< >_> I'm never sayin' "freaky deaky" again XP
dude, the 6th panel is messin' with my eyes. what program do you use any way?
Bri:does SSBB count? T_T